How to Automate Your Social Content... And Still Be HUMAN-small-header

What do social media marketing, professional wrestling, and magic all have in common?

Trompe-l’œil, to borrow from the French.

It’s all a “trick of the eye” – a play on perspective. We are led to believe we see something one way, when what’s going on beneath can be rather different.

When we see a magic trick, we know that there’s a rational explanation behind the trick. But the trick is so good that we can’t even begin to guess how the magician pulls it off.

When we watch professional wrestling, we know it’s “fake,” but at the same time, a good storyline and well-executed moves make us think, if even for just a second, “Wait! Is this part real?”

Truly excellent social media marketers have to be able to pull off their own trompe-l’œil. We must appear to be always-on and 100% THE BRAND we represent. But, in reality, we have multiple accounts, other professional responsibilities, and personal lives that don’t include managing a Facebook page at four o’clock in the morning.

So, are all social media managers fakes? Cynics?
Maybe the mediocre ones are. But the true social media marketing experts have mastered a balance that isn’t just recommended for success… it’s necessary for success. Great social media experts know how to automate.

Automation is what allows your brand to be effective, relevant, and responsive.

At the same time, when automation is your priority, the humanity of your brand gets lost.

The art is in the balance. The real social experts balance automation with authenticity to produce a social persona that is truthful and valuable.

Social Media Automation Tips

  • Create your content calendar in advance. Develop your assets for at least one week at a time. This will save stress and pressure, freeing you up to improvise.
  • Don’t feel obligated to respond immediately. Yes, social media responsiveness is a hugely important metric. However, it’s also a productivity-killer. Set up reminders to check in two or three times a day (depending on your account traffic) to respond to interactions.
  • Constantly fine-tune your messaging. One of the biggest pitfalls of social media automation is falling into routine. Habit can save you time, but it can also stick you in a rut. Constantly evaluate what’s working and what’s not to improve your messaging and post timing.

Do you automate your social content?
Why or why not? To what degree do you think automation is helpful?