Social media marketing means different things to different people. Some will tell you that they use social media as a sales and advertising channel. Some will tell you it’s all about brand building. And others will say that it is a place to share content and build an audience.

The truth is, it’s a combination of all those things, and more. But the focus of this post is about “feeding the ego”.

There are different reasons that people use social media. Some are just grazing for content to enjoy themselves. Some use it to connect with people in their lives that they can’t see every day. Others use it to set trends.

The trendsetters, or tastemakers, use social media to discover and share things that they like. These people get joy in being the first person in their network to “discover” something. That’s what drives their social media activity.

Feeding the ego means appealing to these people. It means giving them the kind of content – unique and original and intriguing content – that they will share with their friends.


Because that is the kind of interaction that will truly grow your online presence in the social media age. It’s not about how much content you share. It’s about how other people interact with your content. And if you can get the trendsetters to share your content, you are on to something special.

Feed the ego. Make the trendsetter happy. They will keep coming back for more,  and they will get others interested in what you have to offer.

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