If sharing is the name of the game with social media marketing, then creating content that invites Facebook or Twitter followers to do just that would be sufficient. What would you say if we told you that this is actually of secondary importance? One primary key element, if missing, might just be causing your social media efforts to fall flat.

Rethinking Your Branding Approach on Social Media

Too many business owners mistakenly believe that high-volume interactions with online followers are sufficient to create a relationship between the brand and the consumer. If this were true, then it would make sense to spam those unsuspecting followers with countless “buy me” messages. But you already know that this does not work and is, in fact, a major turn-off. Rethinking your social media branding approach must, therefore, look for the missing piece.

Social media reaches a vast audience with the proper implementation. It gives the marketer the chance to veer away from a vertical marketing approach to educate a larger, more diverse, crowd. Social media can be used to demonstrate what makes your company unique and also to highlight the products or services that you offer.

The use of social media gives the consumer control over what they click on. It is necessary to provide them with captivating content to draw them in. People don’t want their time to be wasted and are tired of being bombarded with unwanted information. Studies have proven that the consumer is more receptive to information that they are in control of reading. With that being said, if your business has a strong social marketing strategy you can greatly increase the growth of your company’s follower by providing them with information they are interested in.


With proper use, social media creates engagement about your brand, which can give your brand a boost for a many reasons:

Businesses gather truthful information about how the consumer views their company. This is critical information that allows business owners to analyze and identify areas in which they excel and areas that need improvement.

People talk to their friends and share content over various digital communities, which lead to new client acquisition at a very low cost.

Engagement creates a connection between the consumer and a brand, which in turn develops brand loyalty.

Communicating Your Value for Buy-in

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) explains that building a relationship between your brand and the customer relies on the presence of shared values. Whether you sell groceries, cater to the youth market or provide a service, your customers will not build a relationship with your brand unless they believe that everyone is in accord regarding a critical issue affecting the product, the buyer, and the retailer. For example, if you sell woodwind instruments, your shared value could be the belief that jazz is an American art form that must be preserved with the help of student involvement in music.

If you succeed here, you may persuade 64 percent of consumers to build a relationship with your brand. Contact us today to learn more about the brand-building power of social media marketing.