mobile devicesiPhones, iPads, Androids, and Windows Tablets have all become a major aspect in most people’s lives. People are finding these mobile devices to be as indispensable as cars and televisions. Mobile devices have the greater advantage because of their portable nature. Social media marketing has become a large resource for revenue and customers as one result from the mobile device explosion.

Understanding the Mobile Device Culture

Not every mobile device user is equal. They differ on their use and functionality with their devices. Users vary on how many hours they will spend using a mobile device; they will vary on where they use their device; and they will use their devices for more general or specific purposes. What really drives the use of mobile devices is their ease of use. They are usually “on” or close to it, which makes it easier to look up something very quickly. Social media marketing is designed to encourage the activities of moderate to extensive users.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing does not depend solely upon mobile devices, but, as these devices find more use from creative and innovative designers, social media will quickly adapt to meet the needs of their users. A social media marketing campaign that also appeals to mobile users has the greater potential of fruition. An example:

A mobile user is noticing a sound coming from his or her automobile. By using a mobile device, he or she is able to find the closest auto shop that can diagnose the problem. After the car is fixed, the user posts about the auto shop’s social media page. The friends and family of this person will see this post and may also be traveling by that shop. These people may not have an immediately pressing issue, but they could stop in for a preemptive oil change or other basic service.

By utilizing the social media presence, the auto shop benefited from the user posting about premium service. This adds to the ability for the auto shop to be noticed by others that are available for quick and dependable service.

Social media marketing is becoming quickly a necessary part of a total marketing system. Because of the ways that social media and mobile devices have integrated, mobile devices are becoming just as prevalent. They provide a means to send a message to customers while they are already out shopping. Having a social media campaign allows mobile users to view other social media quickly and to be informed about potential sales and other services.

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