Can you REALLY do social media marketing in 30 minutes a day? Well, I’m not sure. Here’s a cool infographic I found yesterday and I’ll let you judge for yourself.

Social media marketing in 30 minutes a day?

Certainly, social media marketing is doable in 30 minutes a day — you could even probably get away with less. Especially if you automate your social media sharing. I use HootSuite (and, it’s worth the $9.99 a month for the pro account, but try out the free first). Hootsuite makes it easy to see comments, RT, DMs, shares, etc so you can respond. You can also create messages or, using the Hootlet in your browser toolbar, curate content from anywhere on the web.

So, you can do everything on this infographic is 30 minutes (or less) a day.

The question is: can you maintain SUCCESSFUL social media marketing in 30 minutes a day? And, my answer is an emphatic NO!

What’s missing from the infographic?


Building your social network

While responding to comments and thanking folks who share your content will help, you really need to spend more time finding influencers and engaging them to build your social networks.

How do you build your social networks?

  1. search hashtags related to your brand on Twitter to find influencers — you can look at their Klout score to ensure you’re following folk who’ll help your brand. Or, follow folks who RT frequently.
  2. same thing with Facebook, although hashtags may not be as effective. You can still search on topics and follow brands in your market. Be prepared, the norm of reciprocating follows is NO WHERE near as strong on Facebook as Twitter. So, you’ll probably have to go further by joining groups and sharing comments/ posts/ questions in those groups.
  3. LinkedIN, Google+, Pinterest, etc work very much the same as Facebook, but it’s a little wonky unless you have a pro membership as you’ll not be able to message folks you aren’t connected with.
  4. Most pervasively, you’ll need to curate great content across social networks. Don’t just share YOUR OWN posts. Find great posts and news from other sites. And, you probably need to curate about 80% of your content and create 20% in your sharing strategy. Each network has some idiosyncrasies in each platform, so modify your posts to optimize reach.

Creating content

There’s nothing in this infographic about CREATING content — and that’s a serious requirement for successful social media.

You want to create any number of different types of content as unique content is what really let’s folks find you on Google (especially after the Hummingbird update). If you want a more details explanation of why you need to create content as part of a successful social media marketing campaign, you can read more here.

While the infographic does mention SHARING your recent content, it fails to mention the time necessary to CREATE that content. It typically takes me an hour or so to create a single post. Creating images and video takes much longer.

I try to post 3-4 times a week, but, I read yesterday that the most successful blogs post 4 times a DAY. Now, you’ll need a staff to create that much content a day and I’m not sure you REALLY need that much unless you’re hoping to attract large numbers of visitors.

Don’t take the shortcut of copying content from other websites. Google fixed that. The exception is news sites, like Mashable and Social Media Today, where they publish SO MUCH content they’re forgiven for re-using content posted on other sites first.

Also, think about posting on related blogs. This gives you more visibility (bringing more visitors to your site) and backlinks. Although Hummingbird reduces the impact of backlinks, they’re still somewhat valuable.

Keywords are still important in your content marketing strategy. So, a sound keyword strategy should focus on particular keywords in hopes of showing up on the first page in users’ queries.

Optional types of content include:

  1. posts
  2. videos
  3. images
  4. email newsletters
  5. infographics
  6. ebooks or white papers (especially if you want to gain subscribers)
  7. slideshare presentations
  8. adwords ads

Sure, you can run your social media marketing in 30 minutes a day, but you’ll not see the market performance you want in 30 minutes.

Running your social media marketing also isn’t something you had over to your cousin, who’s got a lot of friends on Facebook, or something you do in your spare time when you get home from running your REAL business. If that’s all you can do, then don’t waste your time. Social media marketing isn’t a case of doing a little: getting a little. You need to reach a certain level of engagement to see ANY significant return.

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