There are plenty of times when I come up with ideas that never come to be.  They usually stem from an un-met need or frustration.  I’m glad to say that this time I actually took the time to try and fill a need rather then complain about it.  Thus, was born. is my attempt at creating a job board/blog that exclusively caters to the social media world.  If you do a search for social media jobs, you’ll find a fair share of sites claiming to specialize in social media jobs, but 9 times out of 10, they’re just another iteration of a site pulling job ads from a job network such as JobThread.  Sure, these sites will list a couple targeted jobs that are actually social media jobs, but they are not a site that is really that interested in targeting their approach just to social media.  That’s where I hope to come in.

I figure since I work in the industry, and write about it quite often here, it’s a natural fit for me.  I feel confident I’ll write frequently enough on the blog, and I certainly care about maintaining a social media focus.  Sure, it’s not going to make that much money, and at the end of the day, that’s not really my ultimate goal.  I’ve been wanting to find another web project to get behind in addition to my personal blog, and I can finally say I’ve found one that makes sense.

I feel great about the potential, and hope you can find value in the idea.  As always I would appreciate any feedback and your support.  And listings are free through 2010!