“Fire is a fad.  Who cares if you can make heat from sticks and dried leaves?”

“Writing is a fad.  It doesn’t help you hunt, so who cares?”

“The wheel is a fad.  Who cares, so that rock is round?  Whoopie.”

“Plumbing is a fad.  Who cares if you have to walk a little ways for some water?”

“The umbrella is a fad.  Who cares if you get a little wet?”

“The car is a fad.  So I ride a horse, who cares?”

“The telephone is a fad.  Who cares, it’s not a personal as a letter.”

“Radio is a fad.  Who cares, there aren’t even pictures and the sound’s scratchy.”

“TV is a fad.  Who care, it’s not even in color.”

“The Internet is a fad.  Great, a new place to play games and see porn; who cares?”

“Social Media is a fad.  Who cares what you had for lunch?”

There are a LOT of people who care.  That’s why they’re fads.  People don’t care about things that aren’t important to their lives (unless you count Justin Bieber and the Kardashians).

Who cares about the fad of social media?  I care.  Your customers care.  Your audience cares.

I think it’s time you started caring too.