Top Your Newsfeed with These Trending Costume Ideas

social media halloween costumesAs a kid, picking out a Halloween costume was the highlight of every October. As soon as the month began, Halloween costume catalogs started piling in and the difficult task of picking out the coolest character costume of the year began.

As an adult, though, dressing like the most popular TV or movie character on Halloween is the last thing you want to do. The most obvious choices are the most embarrassing – it’s the wittiest costumes that win people over. Build some clout this year by attending your Halloween bash in one of these clever social media themed costumes.

1. The Twitter Bird

A blue sweatshirt and pants, some yellow shoes, blue feathers, and a hot glue gun are all you really need to make this social media costume. But why would you stop there? Follow this young lady’s lead and promote your own Twitter account while you have fun! Not only will this help people realize that you’re not just a giant blue bird, it’ll get your name (and network) out there!

Another option for a Twitter-themed Halloween get-up: The Fail Whale!

2. A Pinterest Board

Remember when Pinterest didn’t exist and, when something inspired you, you ripped it out of a magazine and tacked it to your corkboard? That’s the basis for this real-life Pinterest board costume. To make this easy costume all you need is a small corkboard, a computer and printer, tape, and some type of rope or strap. Print our your favorite inspirational or funny images, tape them to the board (actually pinning them could be dangerous if a tack falls out!), attach your rope or strap to the top corners of the board, and voila – you’re a Pinterest board!

For bonus points, make yourself into a Pinterest Fails board. Print off DIY pins and their real-life failures and tape them onto your board before-and-after style – you’re guaranteed to get some laughs from the poor saps who’ve tried and failed to DIY a pin in real life.

3. An Instagram (Complete with The Filter of Your Choice)

Lots of people have done the Facebook photo Halloween costume by now. While you could go that route, try a social network theme that’s a little more simple and relevant – Instagram! All you need for this DIY costume is cardboard, scissors, sheer fabric of your choosing, glue, and white or black paint. Pick out an easily recognizable Instagram filter (like Earlybird with it’s yellow tint or Nashville with its iconic filmstrip border) and replicate it by cutting out the center of a square of cardboard into the shape of the filter border, painting the border, and then filling the hole of the square with a sheer fabric “filter”. You’ll likely get questions about what your costume is, but you’ll definitely get laughs when you deliver your answer.

4. Your Favorite Meme

Try out one of these easily recognizable memes as a costume that’ll likely earn you the award for best costume no matter what party you attend

Grumpy Cat

Can you do stage makeup and hold a frown all night long? If so, this Grumpy Cat Halloween costume is for you! Don your cat ears and paint your face and you’re good to go! This costume is pretty minimal, but very funny.


You’ve seen them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter – Someecards are the hilarious e-cards with a serious, Victorian-era image and a sarcastic, witty, or snarky statement. After a trip to the Goodwill for a dated outfit, all you need for this costume is a colored poster board and a permanent marker. Write the ironic statement of your choosing on the board and then attach it to your back. For a better chance of being recognized, practice your Victorian poses in the mirror before you leave the house.

Women Laughing Alone With Salad

If you haven’t visited the funny Tumblr that pokes fun at stock images of women chowing down on salad, it’s worth a look (and a laugh). This group costume is great for a Halloween night out with the girls. All you really need for this costume are your best girl friends and salad for everyone.

What are you planning to wear for Halloween? Bonus points for any inbound marketing-inspired costume ideas!

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