Social Media in Business is becoming more important by the day. Some use it to search for new customer, others are looking to connect with other executives in their industry, while some individuals are just on the prowl for new information. Basically, social media provides everything that you’re on the hunt for. Here are some of the top social media platforms used in business, today:


Facebook users enjoy the ability to join networks according to schools, workplace or even location. Adding people as your friends makes it easy to share information with, or send them a private message. Update your profile to inform those who you’ve connected with, of your education, jobs and even your dating life. Facebook recently added a business page to its website, which easily allows companies to interact with their customers. The business page will help business keep everyone that they’ve connected with in the loop of events, and other important company information. It’s a great place to promote your company, because it’s free and reaches a huge audience.


Twitter is a great place for those who like getting straight to the point. Unlike Facebook, Twitter only gives you 140 characters to get a thought across, known as a “tweet”. Many who use Twitter will get tweets from their friends, favorite celebrities and companies sent to their phones. It’s an easy place to send quick company updates and information, without breaking the bank. You can connect with (“follow”) other companies in your industry, executives, or anyone else you want to. Most of them will have a Twitter account, and many of them will update, frequently. Most companies are utilizing this platform more and more, and it is growing everyday as a solid resource for business. Interacting with those who follow you will give you a better idea of what your audience wants to see, and will help you feel like a more personal company.

Twitter has become one of the best ways for consumers to connect with a company and either voice a complaint, pay a complement, or offer a suggestion. Often times there are people monitoring the company accounts for that sole purpose. It can also be a weak point in business. There are many cases of Twitter fails in which a company has pushed the limits of what’s appropriate and what’s not, and consequently, receiving a severe backlash.


The premier social media site for professionals, LinkedIn is specifically designed to help you and your company succeed in your work endeavors. LinkedIn let’s you take a look at other people’s resumes and business history, before you actually connect with them. It’s a great place to build your business network, do research a company before connecting with them, do a background check on a potential employee or even find a new job. You can share information easily, on the website, and you can send personal messages, as well. LinkedIn was built to help your business, and it’s completely oriented around helping you succeed.


One of the most popular websites worldwide, YouTube has been a powerful business tool for many companies, around the globe. You can record and post a high definition video of your company, that will help your customers better understand what you’re doing. YouTube is also a great place to promote new services and products that your company is offering, as well as a great place for video testimonials of your business. One problem that YouTube has, is that it’s not as easy to connect with those who watch your videos. Many people don’t have a YouTube account, or only get on to watch videos and not connect. You’ll get a lot of hits, but feedback isn’t as good as it would be on other social media platforms.

Staying active on social media will increase public familiarity with your company, dramatically. 15 years ago, there are many companies that would have done crazy things to have free marketing that reaches the same amount of people that social media does. It’s all about building and strengthening relationships. New fans and customers will come across your stuff and find it appealing, while it will keep your older customers loyal to the company, and they’ll continue to seek for your business. The formula is simple. Create social media profiles for your company, and your bottom line will increase. Follow the examples of channels like Vivint Reviews, Zagg or BlendTec when creating your strategy. Getting a video to go viral has become very hard, and it takes a lot of creativity and hard work, but pays off when it does.

All in all, modern business cannot perform to its potential unless it harnesses the power of social media, regardless the platform. There are dozens of sites, each with its own, unique aspect that can contribute to your success. It can be a full-time job just keeping up with the trends. There is always something new to learn about, but a necessity all the same.