Tata Capital’s ‘Do Right’ initiative is actually walking the talk through ‘Half Stories’ – the second phase of the campaign. The financial services company has embarked on a journey of doing right in partnership with NGO United Way of Mumbai, armed with its community of ‘do righters’. The Do Righters team identify everyday stories of courage and survival from the remotest corners of our country and complete them with happy endings with the help of social media.

Atmaram half story

The journey to find the first ‘Half Story’ had begun from Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh and the story is of Aatmaram, a member of the Gaddi tribe. A nomadic community of shepherds inhabiting one of the most inhospitable geographies in the world, the group is facing extinction from having to survive extreme climatic conditions and their livelihood under threat. As the land dries up in summer, Aatmaram and his fellow shepherds move up higher in search of greener pastures, sometimes hiking up over 15,000 feet. Along the way, they face a constant threat of their sheep getting stolen or attacked by wild animals.

The do righters team identified his challenges – Aatmaram needed to protect his flock and himself to preserve his traditional way of living. All he needed was a tent to keep him warm and protect the little lambs, 2 solar lights to drive away wild animals and 2 sleeping bags, for him and his helper. This kit costing Rs 11,500 in total would help a Gaddi go on with his everyday story of survival.

The do righters team shared Aatmaram’s story as the first of its ‘Half Stories’ through photographs and videos on the Do Right website as well as the Facebook and Twitter pages. These were then spread through social media and donations poured in quickly. A tent, 2 solar lights and 2 sleeping bags were provided for, helping complete Aatmaram’s half story.

Aatmaram and the do righters team of Tata Capital have been touched by the support they received. Here’s Aatmaram thanking everybody who helped complete his story:

With the reach of Social media and the power of storytelling through visuals and videos, Tata Capital’s Half Stories has successfully managed to script a happy ending to an otherwise hidden story high up in the remote hills of our country. Watch out as we bring you more half stories from the brand’s journey of doing right all the way to Guwahati.

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