The far South suburbs of Chicago were hit by some very scary storms the other night.  In fact, when all was said and done, the Weather Service had confirmed five tornadoes.  The power was out and a lot of roads were closed because of fallen trees.  In some cases, buildings were destroyed or badly damaged.Storm

One business owner in Morris, Illinois found that while his buildings were intact, they had no power, his business phone lines were down, and his employees could not get into work.  However, since he supplies a national market, he realized that many of his customers would not fully comprehend how chaotic things were in his corner of the world.

His answer was to call his Social Media Marketing Company to have his Social Accounts updated to let his customers know what was going on.  Bulletins were posted on his Facebook and Twitter pages, along with news reports and film of the devastation. The accounts were also updated to keep customers and other friends of the pages updated about the progress of the clean-up.  The sites were also carefully monitored to make sure customers’ questions and concerns were answered promptly.

Many people follow news outlets on social media. In fact, for many it is their only source of news.  However, there are times when a company is impacted by things that do not make the local or national news. Companies that use Social Media are able to convey important messages to interested parties on their social sites. Even when the news is reported, companies are able to keep customers and others apprised of how they are handling the situation. When phone lines are down, Social Media may be one of the only forms of communication available.

As Social Media Marketing matures, companies are finding ways to use this form of communication not only to market their products, but also to educate people about their company, their industry and even their country. They are also finding that it is a very powerful customer service tool.