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When it comes to setting goals for your business, marketing with social media might fall low on the totem pole. Yet, marketing through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media avenues can help you connect with your audience and ultimately lead to a measurable return on your investment.

1 Use Social Media to Connect

Today more than ever business moves at a fast pace. Where communication between clients and customers might have taken place over a period of days, we now see messages rapidly exchanged within minutes and hours. News and updates also seem to travel at a seemingly new speed – an accelerated speed of life where a single day can bring greater challenges and opportunities than your business once witnessed over days and weeks. With this speed of life in mind, a company must daily evaluate their strategies and ask themselves, ‘how is our brand relevant on this day?’ Often times the answer comes from social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like are powerful tools that help you instantly connect your brand in infinite ways, from relating to global trends to speaking with customers (individually and as a whole).

2 Inspire Through Social Media

Yes, engaging in your company’s brand each day is critical, but there’s more to social media than being a timely communication tool. Over the course of days and weeks your Facebook and other profiles begin to tell a story that extends beyond the limited day and reaches across time to reveal the true value. It’s a tale of your company’s ups and downs, significant goals reached and still more on the horizon. Social media becomes a published testimony of your company’s brand and goals; the best part being that it’s ready and waiting for new customers to read through at all times! The result is a powerful way to inspire your users and clients while simultaneously inviting them to join the branding story.

3 Measurable Growth via Social Media

Incredibly, the fruit of your social media efforts is measurable. When you actively engage your brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you will be able to analyze which content spoke to your audience. This translates into powerful market research that can help guide future content and goal setting. Remarkably, your company will also be able to evaluate its growth in terms of social media followers gained in relation to product and services sold. Did a thousand more people like your last campaign? Or, better yet, was that content shared via social media? If the answer is yes, then you’ll have achieved the ultimate prize.

Connecting, inspiring your existing customers and clients, and measuring results is key to remain relevant, but when those efforts are shared they generate free advertising and future leads to drive your business into tomorrow.