Screen shot 2013 01 14 at 2.58.22 PM 258x300 Social Media = Free EntertainmentIn our constant state of internet making life better, more and more websites are offering illegal activities with the slickest of ease. Whether you need to sample an upcoming CD, check out the debut episode of a to-be-aired series, or find where to purchase the cheapest cable cord keepers, it can all be done through the help of the interweb. Rights aside, these websites find a niche, and they help bring the past and status quo into one, easily accessible place.

And now that websites can be accessed via game consul and/or TV, even more are finding free entertainment in the comfort of their own living rooms.

Despite former hand slaps given out to Napster users and providers, these questionably-legal practices seem to be flourishing more than ever.

Are classic Disney Channel original movies your jam? Just head to YouTube or this blog of compiled links for a list of films, commercial-break free. (Zenon flashback anyone?) What about the Nickelodeon classics? Pixar? Wes Anderson? The latest season of 30 Rock featuring Chloe Grace Moretz? All can be found online with only minimal computer corruption.

Sure there’s sites such as Hulu, YouTube, and respective cable channels’ websites that offer recent episodes without fear. But for users who are behind on their TV watching (and who don’t want to spring for a subscription), it can still be found for free, and only clicks away.

Is It Legal?

Considering the terrifying credits that roll after each movie and/or TV show, I doubt it. However, websites are stating foreign jurisdiction (meaning they are hosted outside of the U.S.) as an out, among others. But even if it is legal, none of these sites seem to take pride in their honest business ways; none of them list legal status either way.

Another red flag comes with constant pop-up ads and minimal website design. How many legitimate websites offer overlapping links? Or a layout that looks like a child created? A general online rule to live by: if it looks shady, it probably is.

It’s also worth noting that many of these sites are riddled viruses. They may hack into computers, steal information while planting a series of cookies, or they may just want to stick it to the man. We’ll never know until we check out each site ourselves.

Is the fear worth it?

A) No. This is the end, catch ya next time.

B) Yes. Check below for a list of film/TV aggregates. You didn’t get them from me.

All My Faves

Coke and Popcorn


Riot TV


Xfinity (for Comcast customers)

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