uberVU Social Media Face Off - Gucci vs Versace

Fashion comes in all shapes, sizes and price points. High-fashion brands like Gucci and Versace are hot topics of conversation and desire.

While some are naturally drawn to the exclusivity of these luxury brands or admire them from afar on the runway, there’s no hiding behind the labels in social.

In this week’s Social Media Face Off, we compare Gucci and Versace to see how each brand’s designer value is translating into social media success.

In order to determine our winner, we’ve created search streams in the uberVU via Hootsuite platform for each brand. We’ve monitored the results by tracking social mentions, sentiment, and engagement for the last two weeks.

Let’s see which brand is setting the trends in social.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gucci Leads in Mentions:
    • Gucci: 451,361 mentions.
    • Versace: 187,879 mentions.
    • Consistent daily engagement keeps Gucci top-of-mind.
  • Versace Excels in Positive Sentiment:
    • Versace: 24% positive mentions.
    • Gucci: 23% positive mentions.
    • Versace's audience shows strong, passionate support.
  • Gucci Dominates in Engagement:
    • Gucci leads in retweets and likes.
    • Versace wins in shares but lags overall.
    • High engagement showcases Gucci's effective social media strategy.
  • Overall Winner: Gucci:
    • Gucci scores higher in mentions and engagement.
    • Versace excels in sentiment but falls behind in overall impact.
  • Consistency and Interaction:
    • Regular posting and engagement are crucial for maintaining relevance.
    • Brands should focus on frequent, quality interactions to foster loyalty.
  • Visual Content Matters:
    • Both brands leverage high-quality visuals to captivate audiences.
    • Visual appeal is essential for engagement in the fashion industry.
  • Building Community:
    • Positive sentiment and active engagement build a loyal community.
    • Authentic interactions and user-generated content enhance brand connection.
  • Scalable Strategies for Smaller Brands:
    • Smaller brands can learn from these strategies to boost their own social media presence.
    • Emphasize consistency, engagement, and visual content for success.

Round One: Mentions

Gucci takes a quick lead with a total of 451,361 mentions. That’s more than twice as many as Versace’s 187,879 mentions. There are no noticeable spikes or bursts on the trendline, showing the brands have maintained consistency in their daily mentions over the last two weeks.

Winner: Gucci

Round Two: Sentiment

Our next round breaks down sentiment for each brand. This useful metric digs deeper to give us a better idea of how people really feel about a brand. The fashion brands have pretty similar scores, with each posting double digits in negativity—Gucci with 14% and Versace with 12%. Versace also edges out Gucci when it comes to positivity, with 24% of its mentions registering as positive, topping Gucci’s 23%.

Winner: Versace

Round Three: Engagement

With a score of 1-1, the curtains have yet to close on our social runway. Let’s see which brand will take the win by comparing engagement across Facebook and Twitter. We’re looking at how many times mentions of each fashion brand were ReTweeted, Liked, and Shared on these popular social media platforms. Gucci quickly pulls ahead in RTs and Likes. Versace wins Shares, but it’s too little, too fashionably late.

Winner: Gucci

Overall Winner: Gucci

Gucci claims the style crown this week with a score of 2-1. Versace took the win in sentiment, but fell behind Gucci in overall social mentions and engagement. As Heidi Klum would say, “Auf Wiedersehen,” or until we meet again, fashion labels!

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