Warning: If you weren’t hungry before, you will be after reading this post.

It’s snack time in this week’s Social Media Face Off. We’re putting two of the country’s most loved cookies, Oreo and Chips Ahoy!, head-to-head to find out which brand is leaving the longest trail of crumbs in social.

While we can’t tell you which one to enjoy with your next glass of milk (both are so yummy), we can share which brand is generating the most social buzz.

We set up search streams in the uberVU via Hootsuite platform for each brand, accounting for their Twitter handles and variations in spelling (ie. Chips Ahoy!, chips ahoy). In order to determine our winner, we collected data over the past two weeks and analyzed the results.

Let’s find out which brand is out dunking the competition in social.

Key Takeaways: Oreo vs Chips Ahoy!

  • Mentions: Oreo dominates with 631,355 mentions, far surpassing Chips Ahoy!’s 15,501 mentions.
  • Sentiment: Chips Ahoy! scores higher in positivity at 39%, compared to Oreo’s 29%.
  • Conversation Mapping: Oreo’s conversation map is richer, with diverse product mentions and no competitor references.
  • Overall Winner: Oreo leads in social buzz and brand recognition.
  • Social Media Strategy: Oreo’s successful campaigns, like the Daily Twist and Superbowl real-time marketing, boost its social media presence.
  • Chips Ahoy! Spike: Chips Ahoy! saw a mention spike due to live-tweeting during American Idol.
  • Positive Vibes: Both brands show love and positive mentions in social conversations.
  • Product Variety: Oreo’s product variety (Oreo Cheesecake, Oreo McFlurry) enhances its brand recognition.
  • Brand Mention: Chips Ahoy!’s conversation map includes its competitor Oreo, while Oreo’s does not mention Chips Ahoy!.
  • Engagement: Both brands rank for words like “love,” indicating positive engagement.

Round One: Mentions

Oreo dominates with 631,355 mentions, beating out Chips Ahoy!, which only delivered 15,501 mentions. The mention trendlines show that Oreo consistently beat out its competitor each day.

So how has Oreo managed to stay on top?

As you may know, much of the social chatter about the popular cookie is praise for its social media marketing strategy. From its Daily Twist Campaign back in 2012 to its real-time marketing win during the 2013 Superbowl, Oreo’s digital efforts have been earning them high respect and a large following in social.

As you can see on the line graph, Chips Ahoy! experienced a noticeable spike on March 14.

Why? The brand was live tweeting during American Idol the night before and several tweets mentioning its new ice cream flavors received a lot of attention into the next day.

Winner: Oreo

Round Two: Sentiment

Although keeping track of the total amount of social mentions for your brand is helpful, other metrics like sentiment can help you further analyze your results by determining whether what is being discussed online is more positive or negative.

Chips Ahoy! surprises with a positivity score of 39%, topping Oreo’s 29%. The chocolate-chip treat proves that more mentions don’t always mean better sentiment, and therefore takes the win this round.

Winner: Chips Ahoy!

Round Three: Conversation Mapping

The competition is heating up with a tie score of 1-1. Let’s see which brand will bake the final round by taking a look at their conversation maps.

A quick scan of both maps makes them appear very similar.

They each share the words “chocolate,” “ice cream,” “chocolate chip,” “eat,” “cream,” and “milk.” Plus, both brands rank for “love,” suggesting positive vibes for each cookie in social. However, closer inspection shows a few key differences.

First, more people are buzzing about the different Oreo products available with the words “Oreo Cheesecake,” “Oreo Ice,” “Oreo Fudge,” and “Oreo McFlurry” all appearing.

It’s interesting to note that these are related to other brands or recipes that contain Oreo cookies, which shows positive brand recognition in social. Chips Ahoy! finds more reference to its various cookie flavors, with the appearance of words “chewy” and “ice cream,” which relates to its recent launch of its new Ice Cream Creations.

Chips Ahoy!’s second largest trending term is its very own competitor—Oreo (gasp!). Oreo, on the other hand, does not see the competing chocolate-chip cookie rank anywhere on its map. As a result, we have to give the win for this round to Oreo.

Winner: Oreo

Overall Winner: Oreo

We’re awarding the overall win for this week’s Social Media Face Off to Oreo, but we commend Chips Ahoy! for putting up a good fight. Unfortunately, its higher percentage of positive mentions didn’t translate to a victory. Oreo impressed with buzzworthy mentions that consistently stayed ahead of its competition. Regardless, we wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to eat either. Hungry yet?

Bonus: Check out how Oreo takes its real-time marketing skills to real life at the past SXSW festival. Hint, it involves 3-D printers and delicious awesomeness.

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