When it comes to fashion only a few brands have what it takes to rule the runway and the red carpet, but what fashion brand rules social media? To find out we’re putting two of the most iconic luxury fashion brands—Louis Vuitton and Chanel—head-to-head or monogram-handbag-to-quilted-handbag in this week’s Social Media Face Off.

In order to compare the brands in social media, we set up search streams for each brand in the uberVU platform. We’ve compared the results from the past two weeks to determine our winner.

Round One: Mentions

Round one proves fashion can be cutthroat, even in social. Louis Vuitton racked up 475,963 mentions, just barely sashaying past Chanel’s 445,616 mentions.

Louis Vuitton vs. Chanel-mentions

Winner: Louis Vuitton

Round Two: Conversation Mapping

Louis Vuitton and Chanel are both known for their luxury handbags, which is clearly reflected on their conversation maps with “handbags”, “bag” and “purse” appearing. What’s interesting is most of the topics of Louis Vuitton’s map focus on where to find the brand’s handbags at a discount with words like “Factory Sale,” “Authentic” and “outlet” appearing. Just a quick scan through the mentions show people claiming to sell real Louis Vuitton bags on the cheap—we’re suspect. Hot topics for Chanel include the brand’s newest celebrity spokeswoman, “Kristen Stewart,” its head designer “Karl Lagerfeld” and its latest fashion show in Dallas, “Metiers d’Art.” The luxury brand is clearly attracting attention for its latest marketing efforts on top of its established brand recognition. Plus, social is sharing its affection for Chanel with “love” and “beautiful” both appearing on its conversation map. As always with conversation mapping, love rules all.

Louis Vuitton conversation map

Chanel conversation map

Winner: Chanel

Round Three: Engagement

With the score all tied up we turn to engagement to determine our winner. Let’s find out which fashion label is driving the most engagement across Facebook and Twitter by comparing the number of RTs, Likes and Shares each brand brought in.

The RT race is stiletto-to-stiletto with Chanel capturing the win. Louis Vuitton wins in Shares, but Chanel wins round three by also by taking Likes.

Louis Vuitton vs. Chanel-engagement

Winner: Chanel

Overall Winner: Chanel

With wins in conversation mapping and engagement, we declare the winner of this Social Media Face Off to be Chanel. Double Cs = double social power. Coco would be proud.

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