Most of us own a social media profile, whether we post the odd ‘tweet’, ‘like’ a few comments on Facebook or regularly update our LinkedIn profile. From sharing thoughts, photos and videos with friends and relatives, social media has become an essential method of sharing marketing insights and a huge part of SEO and online marketing.

But are you making the most of social media in order to market your business effectively? Here is some advice about how not to miss out on making the most of such a top marketing tool:

Post frequently across all of your business’ social media platforms

Although it sounds glaringly obvious, there are so many companies with sparse social media profiles, due to a heavy workload and tight time restrictions. You wouldn’t hand out an advertisement leaflet with blank spaces and, ultimately, the same applies to online social media profiles.

Two posts a day makes for an active social profile and offers an optimal amount of posts, however, one post a day is ample for businesses with less time to spare.

Whatever number of posts you choose to publish each day, posting five times one day and then not visiting your profile for two weeks is a really ineffective way of using social media.

Struggling to find time to work on your social media profile? Facebook scheduling is a great way to manage your Facebook page and, since Facebook is still one of the most popular social media platforms, is definitely a great place to market your business.

Whether you choose to create a weekly Facebook schedule, or create Facebook posts for this time next year, Facebook scheduling is an absolutely brilliant, and basic tool, to fill your Facebook profile.

Helpful hint: Facebook scheduling can work for businesses that peak in the summer. Why not schedule your Facebook posts during the quieter winter months, to encourage a business boom in the busier summer months?

Don’t link your business page with your personal profile

In some cases, you may find that linking your business page to your personal profile is beneficial. For the most part, however, it is unprofessional to post the same content across your personal and business profiles and, in addition, confuses your marketing initiatives.

Ultimately, sharing your business’ posts on your own personal profile will reach friends, acquaintances and family members, rather than current and potential customers.

Focus on your customers, not the masses

Gain an understanding about what your customers are genuinely interested in regarding your social media profile, and succumb to their wants and desires. It is more beneficial to your business to have two hundred engaged customers regularly looking at your social media profile, than two thousand followers who like your page once and never return to your profile again.

What’s more, it is so much more rewarding to see that one of your posts has reached 150 people, has 6 likes and 10 comments, rather than 3 people reached and no post clicks.

Ultimately, if people keep coming back to your page, your marketing efforts will be more effective, whether you have 40 or 400 followers.

Combine photos with interesting, useful and relevant content

The most popular posts tend to be those that include a photo or video. Where an image is worth a thousand words, think of an image as a way to gain more clicks. A capturing, unique image will also attract people to view the post and read the associated content. Make sure your content is interesting and relevant, and you’re onto a winner!

Add a boost to your posts

Think ‘boost’ in terms of engaging your audience. Responding to their comments and likes will keep them coming back. Quick replies to likes, comments and emails, as well as relevant shares, retweets or ‘favourite-ing’ will only add to you business’ credibility.

Of course, Facebook offers you the opportunity to literally ‘boost’ your posts, which ultimately takes your relevant, interesting and unique post (that is suited to current and potential customers!) and sends it out to people who may be interested in your business.

For tips on boosting your Facebook posts, you can take a look at the following guide:

Ultimately, the key point to take from this article is to ensure that your social media posts are unique, relevant and interesting. That way, you’ll ensure that you’re using social media as an effective marketing tool, and not taking such a useful marketing resource for granted.