The beautiful thing about kids is that, at least until a certain (teen) age, they pretty much tell it like it is, no filter, no after-thought or political correctness. Often enough, without any malice either. It’s why I like this video so much…


Now, as funny or cute as this video may be, it does remind us a little of how many folks working in small or big organizations nowadays actually still see the role of social media in businesses today, doesn’t it? Which is sad, really. Nevertheless, among my favorite quotes from this video:

“What is social media, anyway?”

“It doesn’t cost any money”

“Be social without being social”

“Teenagers… I think email is too slow for them”

There’s also one of the girls that mentions social media is where people share what they like and travel stories. It’s reassuring to hear a 9 year-old echo what has been showing up in studies after studies, including the most recent TripBarometer by TripAdvisor, confirming that online resources are key to travel decision-making.

Watching this video also made me laugh for different, more personal reasons. I have three boys, aged 3, 6 & 8. They know daddy works in marketing, although I still don’t think they understand my explanations or allegories about what marketing is. But since I have been speaking and consulting more specifically about social media and web marketing for the past two years, I sometimes find myself trying to explain to them what Facebook is about, or what a tweet is. And you know what? It’s bloody hard to explain! So hats off to the kids in this video, after all, for trying to make sense of this social media “thing”…