I have seen a number of people frustrated by the lack of engagement on social media sites, especially Twitter. A number of marketers are turning toward more and more ads on social media. Other people are looking to the next shiny social media platform like Snapchat, which is kind of old. For 2017, I am making some real changes.

One thing is clear, the term, social media needs to go away.

I feel we are in a big transition. People want a better experience. Over the past few years, social media has lost its glamor. Many people looked at social media as a way to find a new audience or actively promote content that has been steadily increasing over the last few years. Now, we have all kinds of content, (some good, some not so good, and very little outstanding).

The second part of this transition is the change in technology. Social media gained its popularity in 2006-2009, just ahead of the advent of the iPhone. People actually took the time to connect with and engage with people. Social media really reached its peak about 2012. Nowadays, people just don’t have the time for engagement on social with everyone. Mobile technology has helped bring those people who were already close, much closer together, and connecting with others has taken a back seat.

Today, I am going to stop using the words, “social media” to describe the way I interact and share information with people. I am going to stop referring to the platforms as well. Today, they are more like your favorite retail store. We don’t tell people that engagement is down at Kohl’s or Applebees so why do we insist on doing that with social media. It is all about people. We should go to where our friends, clients or new acquaintances are. We should have a purpose as to why we are going online to share or receive information. I know for me, over the last couple of months I have taken a step back and see social as a whole new way to communicate and I work more on the goals I have at the time of posting. Through this process I have discovered the following:

  • If I share content with images, I bring home my point in a better light.
  • I need to mix business and personal on my professional profile to show people I am a real person.
  • I measure value more from the people I connect with. I accept the fact that not everyone can interact with me at the exact moment I am online. I am not online all the time.
  • Stay away from those who spend their whole day on social media sites. (Not healthy) (More spammy)
  • I used to think Facebook was just for Family, but I am slowly changing my mind. People are going there because they feel the information is real.
  • Linkedin is a great place to connect with new clients if you share your best work.
  • I like being connected with groups but I have drastically cut down because I don’t have the time.
  • Focus on people and not curating of information, especially news and politics. (Enough already)
  • I am also cutting back on news services from unreputable sources. This is where I think newspapers and local news stations will make a huge comeback in the next few years.

These discoveries have helped me recapture my time and helped me focus on building a better experience. As a result, I am seeing results over the past few months.

Finally, I will stop saying “social media”. I prefer to talk about great people.