I came across this article in Forbes, “B2B Social Marketing Mistakes You’re Probably Making” It is right on with respect to mistakes people make with respect to social media. Those of us who have found success have experienced these particular mistakes at one time in our experiences.

What I want to leave with you is a different thought, ” Social Media can make you a better marketer”

Remember Social Media is just one piece of a marketing strategy. – Don’t for get this important statement.

The fact that social media is “INSTANT” is awesome. If you have an idea and you want to see if people are interested, you can post your thoughts on social media sites and gauge interest from other consumers and B2B Companies. In addition, it is a way to keep a company’s message fresh and current in the eyes of current followers and prospective followers. In addition, these ideas can be reinforced through traditional marketing media like brochures, websites, trade shows and personal phone calls or visits.

Social Media does not replace other media…It makes it better, if used correctly.

Here are some ways I have seen social media impact our marketing:

Listening Closer

Listening more to clients, companies and consumers for needs, information and potential wants – Listening is a part of engaging on social media and it is a great platform for checking out the latest news. In addition, some companies are seeking answers to issues or checking out the market by posting information about their company’s offerings.

Staying Connected

I have certain clients who keep in touch via social media platforms like Twitter and Linkedin. By staying connected, deeper conversation can take place at events like trade shows or conferences.

Communicating Ideas Through Blogs

This is a huge benefit of social media sites. Now we have a way to present information about our companies, products or services and gauge the interest. In addition, we might be able to resolve issues through our blog sites and give people valuable information that they are searching for. If you can resolve issues, you have really taken your social media strategy to a new level.

Writing and Communication

I have never considered myself a good writer, but now I have to find ways to get people’s attention and present ideas in a short, concise manner. In addition, I also need to have interesting information that is refreshing and different than most of the information out there. By preparing content on a consistent basis, I stay informed of news affecting my clients and industry and I look for ways to be a part of the discussion. In addition, I am learning new ways to become a better writer. If you are reading this post and are in high school or college, please work on your writing skills. There are very few good writers in business today.

Picture via Steven DePolo

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