Are you all set for your social media work in 2022? Here are a few ideas that will help you get the best out of your efforts over the 12 months ahead.

As we approach the end of the year, our thoughts turn to the next 12 months. It can seem a weird point in time to be thinking about future social media campaigns, but things move very past in social. Take a look at the following ideas and kickstart your year with great social media content that helps with your marketing efforts.

Video in all its forms

In 2022 and beyond, video is here to stay thanks to investment from social media platforms.

Among the many video options available on social media, live videos (which will allow you to engage with your audience like never before), short-format videos (like those promoted by Snapchat), and pre-recorded videos (like Reels on Instagram).

Video on social media doesn’t fit into one box. Especially in those first few seconds (with something like a strong title or thumbnail, for example), people prefer to digest content that is bite-sized and easy to digest.

Make sure you develop and implement a video strategy for your social media strategy in 2022.

UGC (user generated content)

While UGC is no longer a new thing, it is still relatively undeveloped. You could focus on making 2022 your breakout year in this area.

The UGC strategy can be incorporated in a variety of ways, such as sharing customer content (such as photos and videos), soliciting customer testimonials and stories (particularly effective on Facebook and Instagram), and handling contests that offer users the chance to submit their own content (or something they created based on your company).

Although you should give the UGC contributors guidelines as to the kind of content they should create, where it should be posted, and how they should do so (e.g., tag your company in the photo/video or use a specific hashtag), you should let them talk for themselves.

To put this in perspective, Apple has been doing this to staggering effect with #ShotOniPhone, with users sending in images created on the devices.

Invite engagement

Too many brands are a little shy when it comes to inviting engagement. The truth is, you should be actively asking for engagement with your followers, and this is something to focus on in 2022, when there is so much noise out there online.

What is the best way to increase social media engagement? The content strategy depends on the platform, but in general, you should post content that sparks conversations, provokes thought, and makes people feel like they can contribute their creative thoughts. Asking questions, for instance, can lead to discussions.

Engaging with other social media users is also important, especially if they’re influencers in your industry. Conversations with them may lead to future collaborations or other brand-to-brand social media marketing.

Your comments as well as your replies are all part of your social media content, so it is imperative that you create them carefully and align them with the voice of your brand.

Be diverse

Brands are now discovering that they can celebrate the diversity of their audiences. While this could be done before, it seems a lot more urgent now, and brands that pick up on this and make it a key feature of their social will find that they develop better relationships with their audiences.

How do you do this? By considering who your brand’s social content represents, including marginalized voices in your campaigns, and asking who your target demographic is. It’s clear that the people interacting with your social content aren’t all the same and they are looking for brands that prioritise diversity, equity, and inclusion. Grab a hold of the situation and pull together campaigns that make 2022 a more inclusive, authentic year.