Incorporating St. Patrick’s Day into your social media branding is simple. It’s worth the time to show that you’re ahead of the game.

Here’s how to go about it on Facebook and Twitter:

On Facebook, consider making a seasonal cover photo for the occasion. It will be more easily seen by visitors than a seasonal profile image for your business.

Urban outfitters features a fun design slightly incorporating their products for St. Patrick’s Day. Even their profile image is lucky!
Another option is creating a St. Patrick’s Day themed tab.

Make sure it’s visible on your Facebook page like Guinness has done this year.

On Twitter, you could do the same with your header image, background image or both!

As you can see below, McDonald’s went about both in subtle ways.


This is an example of a Walmart prompting users to submit St. Patrick’s Day photos with the chance of being featured on their cover image.

When you have a significant fan base, you will have fans willing to submit photos with the prize of being featured. You know how much that prize costs Walmart? Nothing.

This method is effective and they use the “featuring” as a prize quite regularly. Friends of fans will see that they’ve posted on Walmart’s wall, prompting them to take a look and possibly like the page.


Start ahead of time – you’ll either be ahead of the crowd or head to head with the large brands and retailers. Posting St. Patrick’s Day images 2-3 weeks before March 17th should distinguish your brand or retailer as a leader, not a follower.