Social media is a great way to share your company information with consumers. While Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest offer many ways to reach your potential consumers, it’s important to keep each of your channels fresh and non-repetitive. When you take a break from your work to follow your friends’ lives, isn’t it annoying to see the same tweets posted as status updates on Facebook? Wouldn’t it bother you to receive the same Christmas card in the mail and your Gmail inbox?

Use automation properly

Just because there is a big red button on a console doesn’t mean you should click it without understanding what it does. Take a minute before your choose to link your company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Contrary to popular belief, hashtags belong on Twitter and not anywhere else. Before you load up your company Buffer with your Facebook and Twitter information, make sure it fits your strategic media plan. Your customers want new content instead of reading the same message on four different websites.

Expand your message

The wonderful thing about various social media networks is that each presents its own strengths and weaknesses for your message. Twitter is wonderful for quick updates, Facebook can spur conversation with customers and Pinterest can help a visual product to go viral. Even if you have one, unified message, you can expand it to fit the channels through which it will be sent. Consider getting help when you’re ready to develop your campaign; your investment can have huge payoffs, especially if you aren’t sure if you send out “tweets” or “twits.”

Email is king

When it comes to cultivating customer relationships, email is an effective, easy channel. By now, you’ve built a solid, regularly updated blog with useful information for your consumers. If not, stop now, do not pass go and fix that! The beautiful thing about a solid email campaign is that you can consistently deliver information directly to your readers with a single subscription. Easy automation and customization tools can send blog updates and white papers directly to their inboxes based upon when they sign up and their preferences. With such an adaptable tool available, a healthy list of email subscribers can build your media base quickly, enabling you to deliver more extensive messages than on other media channels.

Improve conversion rate

The ultimate goal of any effective digital media campaign is to convert your subscribers to customers. While converting two percent of visitors to customers may not seem fantastic, you can easily double that rate with some careful planning and use. Incentives, such a free whitepapers with an email subscription, can help give customers a taste of what you have to offer. While it’s important to keep your followers from becoming fatigued, it’s perfectly acceptable to encourage email subscriptions through Twitter or additional channels, so long as that’s not your primary message.

Running an effective digital marketing campaign is time consuming and can be challenging, especially when the entire Internet is begging to be surfed. While automation may seem like the answer, be wary of letting your message become repetitive. Some creativity and smart use of each channels’ unique strengths will lead to great successes for your company.