Regardless of what you thought of the opening ceremonies – personally I thought they were great, you cannot deny nor argue the point that this Olympiad is unlike any other for the impact of social media on it is irrefutable.

Two infographics hammer that point home. One from Exact Target, which looks at the social media landscape entering the games and the other from TechBargains, which in addition to letting us know how many hours we will watch and on what medium – what social media platform will be the most in “play” if you will.

Highlights from the Exact Target infographic:

  • Before the games started the BBC was predicting one terrabyte of Twitter traffic per second
  • LeBron James and Kobe Bryant were the most popular athletes on Twitter entering the games
  • Olympic medals do not equate to a big social media following per se


Highlights from the TechBargains infographic:

  • By more than 2-1 more people will post Olympic-related “stuff” via Facebook than any other social media network
  • The most popular content that will be shared is good old fashioned cheering for the home team, er country
  • 1 in 5 will watch the Olympics at work


Ok, so the games have begun.

What are you doing re: social media?

Are you posting to Facebook? Twitter?

What’s your social media network of choice?

Are you following any brands on social media? Are you “moving to beat” with Coca Cola?


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