The social Web is a work in progress. It seems not a week goes by where a new company, service or platform is emerging to change the way we digitally connect with those around us.

Although marketers are putting an increased emphasis on the most prominent social networks – namely Facebook and Twitter – emerging social channels from Snapchat and Jobr to Yo and Tinder are amassing large and devoted audiences with impressive engagement numbers.

Now that the 2014 FIFA World Cup is concluded, it’s not surprising to see the record breaking numbers related to social chatter on Facebook and Twitter. While these two platforms might dominate mindshare as the ideal second-screen to your TV watching, engagement rates aren’t always what you might think.

Indeed, YouTube recently surpassed Facebook as the world’s largest social media site, and new platforms are throwing themselves into the mix all the time, which makes one thing certain: the world of social (and video) is constantly changing

As emerging channels pick up speed in the social game, they are simultaneously trying to figure out their business models as they look to grow their audiences. At the same time you as a brand are warming up to them, they’re warming up to you – meaning you’re both open to trying new things.

Finding new ways to utilize new channels allows brands to reach audiences where they are – but it needs to make sense for their business.

So which of the new emerging platforms are already finding unique ways to cleverly connect marketers with these growing audiences?

Tinder – the dating app that has been ‘swiping’ the mobile world by storm – finally found a way to swipe right to branded content.

In honour of Men’s Health Month, two male advertising students created a Tinder profile on behalf of‘Nurse Nicole’. Cleverly responding to any and all encountered pick-up lines, Nurse Nicole always found a way to turn the conversation to the topic of Men’s Health and the importance of getting checked. Mid-conversation, she also drops unsubtle links to the Men’s Health Month website.

Regardless of how many clicks these links got, this clever and unexpected use of Tinder made headlines and drew much attention to this Men’s Health initiative.

Snapchat is another platform brands have been trying to figure out — and popular YouTube personality Casey Neistat found a unique angle for those disappearing photos & videos.

Responding to his audience request of creating a video blog, Casey took to this platform to instead create Casey Neistat’s Snapchat Stories – his version of a more efficient and effective ‘Vlog’. These videos – which he then uploads to his YouTube channel – give him a unique way of consistently engaging his audience without putting in an excess of time (or budget).

What do Tinder and Snapchat both have in common? They both engage users visually – and in extremely short spurts of time. How can your brand adapt to changing social trends – and encourage your consumer to swipe right to your content?