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2012 is coming to an end, which usually means a great time to reflect and look back at how things have unfolded in our personal and professional lives during the past year. One thing is for sure: with smartphones, tablets and laptops penetrating our everyday lifestyles, this continuous connectedness is not without its fair share of secondary effects. We spend insane amounts of time sharing and commenting on various social networks, but how does this affect our real-life interactions? The folks at created this infographic that features a couple of neat factoids, such as:

  • The average Facebook user spends 405 minutes per month on the network, which equates to 81 hours per year!
  • Why are we so ‘addicted’ to social media? While typically people spend 30-40% of their conversations talking about themselves, this proportion reaches 80% on social media. I have no problem believing this stat whatsoever! (I am just a little surprised we typically spend only 30-40% doing so in real life. I know folks who tend to be closer to 90%, but that’s a different matter)
  • 56% of Millenials and Gen Ys said they wouldn’t take a job that didn’t allow access to social media, regardless of salary!

Do you agree that resisting the urge to check your Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts is harder than urges such as smoking, drinking alcohol, spending money or… having sex? Check out the infographic below and let me know your comments in the section below. Not that I’m addicted to comments, or anything…

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