Start Writing on Social Media SitesHave you recently purchased an iPad for your company and plan to integrated it into your marketing mix? If your answer is yes, you are just like me. I am continually trying to work on ways to integrate this technology into our own marketing campaigns.  It is a something I am continuing to study and test.  I don’t want to be like everybody else, and that is why it is taking me a while to grasp this technology and run with it.

I came across a great article, “Squeezing Your Entire Marketing”   Lisa Arthur makes some really good points.  After reading this article, I looked at all of the points she made and I kept hearing the terms: brevity, concise, “to the point”, trust, specific. After hearing these words I reflected a moment and thought to myself, this is why social media communication is very popular right now. The great people are writing posts in fewer words and catching are attention.  I think this is so critical as I have stated earlier, “Concise Content” will be the new way to write posts.

I know some people are still trying to figure out their own social media metrics and trying to come up with a plan on how to use the different sites. Blah, Blah, Blah

I think people may be overlooking a very important piece:  writing short, concise effective messages. [Add this to your Social Media ROI ]

All of us, including myself need to get better at catching people’s attention and communicating in fewer words. I work at this everyday!  Thankfully, Twitter started this with the 140 character posts. Think about it which tweets draw your attention and which ones will you respond to. It’s hard to respond back to a tweet that uses 130+ characters. As people scan their walls and streams on Facebook and Google+, isn’t your attention drawn more to a post with fewer, dynamic words rather than a 3-paragraph explanation.

As mobile technology keeps growing, I am going to reflect more on Lisa Arthur’s article, “Squeezing Your Entire Marketing“  and plan accordingly.START NOW!  The goal is to become a more effective writer in fewer words.  If you have some thoughts on this topic, please leave a comment, I am always interested in what others think about this  topic.

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