Social Disconnect

The digital landscape is abundant with incredible industry thought leaders sharing the knowledge and best practices in social media. The circle of influencers crest the lists of who to follow and how to engage them.

  • You admire them.
  • You follow them.
  • You learn from them.
  • You implement their suggestions.
  • You share and comment on their posts.
  • You believe it is a mutual give and take to build deep relationships and connections.

Social media is BEING social not doing social. Right? It isn’t an automated robotic act of verbal diarrhea to gain and maintain a following. You will surely lose if that is your strategy. You are dealing with real live human beings behind the keystrokes. While we are a push button society, get things done, do it fast; building relationships is a one on one personal endeavor and no amount of sterile replies or automated apps will generate authentic connections.

If your job is content and social media marketing then try to live as a good example of a digital citizen. Christian Vanek

Get real. Be real.

BUT, how does the little guy fair in this vast sea of legendary experts? Is it like swimming with the sharks or do you have the same opportunity to engage in unpretentious dialog?

Are you able to be noticed or shuffled amongst the minnows until you become one of the bigger swimmers?

You will find that many will respond in kind, a quick thank you but there isn’t always an extensive amount of back and forth. Maybe more courtesy replies if you will.

“I firmly believe that respect is a lot more important, and a lot greater, than popularity.” Julius Erving

Your challenge may be to continue prompting the conversations to further deepen your experience and connection with your esteemed colleagues. Have the empowering discussions, becoming more educated and learning from “the best” in the industry. It helps you and your business.

  • Be engaging
  • Add value
  • Ask questions
  • Share other people’s content
  • Express gratitude
  • Be a giver
  • Make introductions
  • Connect within your community
  • Emulate those who inspire you
  • Remember to always respond to others

What happens when there is no reply? (Don’t take it personally!)

The Social Disconnect

Does that influence your impression of the individual or impact your level of engagement?

It seems like it would be a dichotomy.

How do these respected professionals write and talk about the essence of social media and relationship marketing, yet they don’t put forth the same? Shouldn’t their actions back up their words? Like Daniel Newman said: Social Media Pundits (Mostly) Suck At Engagement

The problem is the proclamation of engagement as a key part of success in social media. If you think about it when it comes to this group that talks engagement but doesn’t really do it, it starts to just sound like a bunch of kumbayya stuff and not at all like a real strategy. Almost like a “Wag The Dog” strategy for the small circle of elite that want to keep you looking left while they are building their empires on the right.