Believe it or not, you do not have to be a 14-year old, bubble gum popping cheerleader to be on Snapchat. Not by any stretch. In fact, Snapchat is climbing in the ranks as the 3rd most popular app amongst the millennial, 18 to 34 year old young adults.

The popular social media platform is opened and used more than Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, Google+ or Tumblr. Great news for those in the influencer marketing arena desiring laser niche targeting. Influencers’ content is guaranteed to reach impressionable young adults and our future thought leaders through Snapchat influencer campaigns.

How are brands taking part in the Snapchat movement? One of the newest, go-to methods is to partner with Vine brands influencers. Utilizing forward thinking Viners to create branding stories that will capture the attention and hearts of the millennial audience on Snapchat is a match made in Social Media Heaven. Why Vine and Snapchat? Content creators must be adept at creating quick-witted, punchy media in a very short timeframe similarly for both platforms. The unofficial partnership between Vine and Snapchat influencers offers an opening for brands to tell their story.

The captive Snapchatter audience is prime ground for brands to leverage. Imagine releasing over 60 snap stories in one day that could tell your brand’s story. Now imagine that you are able to work with a social influencer from Vine to capture and share video content from other sources (YouTube, for example). While potential customers are bombarded left and right and over stimulated with media on Facebook and Twitter to the extent that they have stopped paying attention, the Vine-Snapchat avenue allow you to reach those same people in through efficient, highly engaging interactive media platforms.

Do you use Snapchat or Vine? Have you used these platforms to share your brand’s message and story, and if not why not? If you are interested in doing so, please let us know we can help you!