02-03-16b-300x200By now you know that you “should” be using Snapchat for marketing. It’s the hot topic in digital marketing circles… well, any marketing circles, for that matter. The social network has been making headline news for it’s unfathomable valuation of $16 billion, which has also helped make it a household name with better recognition than Pinterest or LinkedIn. As we shared recently on the BuzzPlant Blog (where we gave away free Snapchat marketing services to one lucky brand)…

  • Snapchat has over 100 million daily active users.
  • 8,796 photos are shared on Snapchat every second.
  • Snapchat users collectively watch 6 billion videos daily.

Is There Too Much Hype Around Snapchat?
Hype? Yes. Too much? We’re not sure that it’s too much. It’s hard to deny the social, cultural, and financial impact of 100 million daily active users. There’s a reason why brands are clamoring to get on Snapchat: it matters to their audiences. Ultimately, that’s the reason that should drive all brand behaviors.

Who’s On Snapchat?
Snapchat is primarily composed of Millennials and teens. 26% of Americans age 12-24 say they use Snapchat, writes Jay Baer, which is more buy-in than Instagram (17% for that demographic), but still less than Facebook and Facebook Messenger (32%).

As for brands, there are a wide range of users/publishers, from ESPN and the Wall Street Journal to small businesses and niche personalities like those on this list. Should you use Snapchat? Well, there are at least two ways to approach this question.

  1. If you want to reach teens and Millennials, then, yes, you should at least seriously consider using Snapchat. (Many analysts predict Snapchat will soon grow beyond these demographics, so this consideration may not even be that relevant for much longer.)
  2. If you want to be a contemporary brand in the social space, then, yes, you should probably consider using Snapchat. Even brands like GE, who are certainly not targeting teens in the same way that, say, Starbucks is, are finding value in Snapchat.

4 Ways You Can Use Snapchat Marketing

Will Your Brand Use Snapchat?
Why or why not? Where do you see this platform going?