If you’re constantly battling to find more followers, then take a look at our quick list of simple tips to help you find more of them.

Every brand has that constant battle on social media. The more followers you have, the more chance at engagement and, ultimately, growth. But how do you gain more followers consistently? We thought we’d put together a bit of a cheat sheet.

Make your social ‘everywhere’

This is not a hard one to get started with, but you may be surprised at what you’ve missed out. Your job here is to make sure that your social media presence is unavoidable. Stopping short of being annoying, you need to make sure that everyone who should follow you knows about you.

You can add social media icons in the right places on your site. By doing this you are encouraging site visitors to follow up, and find out more about your business on social media. Crucially, this brings more authenticity and trust to what you do. You also ensure that your brand style becomes well known as people visit your social media real estate.

And when you start your next email marketing campaign, focus on making sure that your emails link to social media, with posts and content that is relevant to your email being the best way to do this.

Engage, always

It is easy to let this one slip. If you have a member of staff or a team that manages your social media, it is less of a problem.

Every time a member of your audience engages with your social media posts, reply to them. Unless you’re a world-famous celebrity, this is very much doable. The more you engage with them, the more likely they will stick around and even link back to your work in their own social feeds.

Stay on top of the news

You should be watching your competition like a hawk at all times. Whatever they are publishing and talking about is what you should be involved in too. If a number of your competitors are talking about one subject and you’re not, you have a problem.

This also includes staying on top of your industry. All the news that the industry develops is stuff that you should know about. If it’s relevant to your audience, you should be publishing on it too. It’s important, and it’s about what you do.

Nail customer service

Customer service made the leap to social some time ago. It requires plenty of work.

Customers who jump on social with a customer service inquiry are VIP customers. They want a quick response and a resolution that is fair and appropriate. The more people you manage to help in this way, the more will stay on board with your brand.

They will buy more too. Customers really appreciate having someone to talk to immediately. A simple response to a Tweet makes all the difference. And if those customers don’t get that quick response, they tend to Tweet their anger anyway. So it makes sense to manage customer service effectively, and at lightning speed.

Get automation involved

One thing you can do is to focus on automation. There are plenty of platforms that you can use to manage all of your social media accounts in just one place. Using platforms like Locowise also means that you can look at your metrics and work out which posts and content are doing well and which need help. You can use these numbers to improve your presence and ultimately find more followers.

Use hashtags well

Hashtags are another way to build up follower accounts. If you have followers that like your content and share the hashtag, this means that more people will see your content. Getting on the right hashtags is never simple, but once you have found one that makes sense for your brand and is trending, you should get to work. Hashtags are extremely powerful in finding new audiences.

Keep the quality up

Never make the mistake of putting poor-quality content on your social media feeds. If you don’t have anything to post that day then post nothing. You will gain more followers if they find you through quality content. There is so much trash around at the moment, good quality content is attractive and encourages following. So if you are tempted to just post for the sake of it, resist the temptation.

All of the above tips are very simple, but they deserve to become habits. Over time, they will bring you a consistent stream of followers on essentially a passive basis.