social media etiquette thank youThere’s more to thanking your followers on social media than “Thanks for the RT @JoeShmoe.” This is cumbersome to keep up and doesn’t express your true thanks on fan engagement, does it?

Don’t fall into the trap of letting your social engagement become caught in automation and low-level conversations. Engaging in real follow-on conversations and investing time into nurturing your relationships with your social media following can build trust in your brand and create loyal fans.

Be daring, take your social “thank you’s” cross-platform. Redefine what it means to appreciate your fans on social media.

An Unused Tool On Twitter

Have you ever been added to a list? Each Twitter account comes with 20 empty lists just waiting to be filled with 500 great Tweeps. You can organize your lists in a complementary manner such as “All Star Regional Professionals” or “Inbound Marketing Content Champions” (and you can feel free to add @WeidertGroup to those lists if you feel so inclined). If you have Twitter followers who regularly share your content, put them in an organized list with a fitting title. Once you have curated a solid list, you should continue on down this list with connecting and thanking them for being socially awesome.

Creating A New Twitter List

LinkedIn Endorsements

Are you personally connected with a person who engages with your brand? Take some time from your personal LinkedIn profile and endorse the skills for which you know them to be good. Endorsements are unlimited causal clicks you can pass out to any profile you visit. Popular LinkedIn users may have their Endorsement section stacked but that shouldn’t deter you. When you view someones page, you may be greeted with a blue box like the one below.

Greg%27s total endorsements

Endorsements vary from recommendations. You don’t have to be in a management position or even on the same tier as the person you endorse. Endorsements are less formal but are a way to crowd source your talents. For example, as a marketing assistant, I can feel comfortable endorsing Greg Linnemanstons, President of Weidert Group, for Marketing Strategy and Strategic Planning but I’m not in a position to write a recommendation for him.

Interact Via Video

Create a quick 6-second video thanking them with a unique message. It’s easy enough to find short order information for a personalized message: Twitter bio, quick Google search, you know, the tools you use every day. Twitter’s Vine App works fantastically for creating short videos that can be played right in your Twitter feed.

Interact On Your Blog

There are many ways to spotlight a good follower on your blog. Take the time to discover their blog. Find out where your interests intersect and comment on a blog post. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the most recent post, but cutting a piece out of your day to invest in your followers goes a long way. Just think how elated you are when someone takes the time to post on your blog. Posting more than just “great read” will give the feedback that assist bloggers. Think of the kind personalized feedback you want as a marketer.

Another way to compliment your most avid fans is to ask for an interview or spotlight. Taking fan-based comments and turning them into a blog post for your own brand validates word-of-mouth marketing. You can link back to their social media profiles and give them a pat on the back from the community of your own followers. Starting this trend is a good way to break the overbearing structure of brand marketing.

Most importantly, the community you create is nothing without the great engagement of your users. Picking new ways to talk with your fans and stay on top of monitoring will keep your brand front of mind. There’s a social media twist to the golden rule: Reciprocate in ways that you wish to be appreciated. Try reaching out in a new way this week.

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