We’ve trawled the internet to bring you the latest statistics on sex and social media. Fortunately (or should that be unfortunately?), we’re talking about the differences in the use of social media between the genders, not about sexy sex.

We’ve looked at where the women hang out online, what the men have been getting up to and examined the behaviour of both to compare the differences.

The video reveals the answers to:

  • Which sites feature predominately women?
  • Which sites attract the men?
  • Which gender is more private on social media?
  • Who makes more regrettable posts online?
  • Which gender likes music more?
  • Who prefers social gaming?

And countless other sweeping generalisations. Click play on the video to find out what we discovered.

As usual, let us know what you think with our ‘brave’ new video direction in the comments below or @brandwatch.

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