When Facebook emerged onto the scene in 2004, it was solely a college student network. After just a few years in existence, the company went public and opened its doors to anyone and everyone who wanted to create relationships and a presence online. The number of members began to skyrocket.

The company became popular because of its simplicity. As time has gone on, many wonder- has Facebook has held true to their original goal of clarity?

For small businesses, Facebook is a great way to get their name out there. But many small businesses have limited employees and limited time to train employees on how to monitor the company’s presence online. Social media monitoring can be a surprisingly daunting task. The internet is unforgiving, and many mistakes aren’t merely erased.

Facebook, being a free amenity, provides companies with a cheap alternative to many monitoring devices. The only hurdle is training employees to navigate the site, which can be confusing for a first time user. This is where Open Forum’s article comes in.

The article provides Facebook users with step-by-step instructions that can save users hours of time spent learning to how create a business page.

Thank goodness for the internet and google’s search engine, which provide anyone with an almost infinite encyclopedia of instructions for just about anything one can think of. As time goes on, and new outlets are created, instructions might be needed to educate first time users. Facebook should recognize its appeal as a major outlet for businesses and should provide users with simple how-to’s to teach those not so technologically savvy on what to do. Or maybe they won’t have to. It is clear that younger generations are proving themselves quite adept with technology.