Set A ToneWe are starting to disconnect from people and it might be a path we should be concerned about.

More and more, companies are using technology, gathering information and are looking at this information to make future decisions.

Yesterday, I gave some information to one of my co-workers. I had talked to a representative at a company over the phone and received some great information. I asked this representative to forward this information to me in an email so I had all the information written down correctly. – – From here, I told one of my co-workers to contact this representative and find out more about this information. I provided my co-worker with name, email address and the company website.

Now, this is where the problem occurred.

The co-worker instead of just calling the representative, decided to look at the company website more closely and could not find the information I found by talking to the company representative. The disconnect continued. More questions about the information on the website and how it did not match the information I was presenting to him from my dialogue with the company representative.

This example shows how people are using content and technology the wrong way. Do you tell your boss that a particular client or company is not a good fit because you cannot find the information on their website? Seriously?

Set a tone to be more real and ultimately connect with a person face to face, over the phone, use email to reinforce communication, but don’t base your decision on the presence or absence of words.

Social media is the next channel. Every social media expert claims that if you are not on social media, you are really missing the boat. It is true that you might be missing some things, but I don’t think you are totally missing the boat. I would turn this whole conversation on its head by saying the following:

Find your tone – Develop that unique voice where people can find you in various places and they want to learn more about you and they see a win-win type of relationship for themselves.

I have personally cut back on the number of social media sites I work with. I use some social media sites for broadcasting – GooglePlus and Facebook. In today’s social media world that is a big no, no, but frankly I do not see myself growing socially on these sites so why would I invest so much time on them. They are good sites for broadcasting information and finding some good contacts, but overall I may visit these sites once or twice a day.

Linkedin is where I spend my time on social media. Connecting with professionals intrigues me. When Linkedin added the ability for people to post their own articles, it really opened up a whole new way to communicate and connect with other professionals. I am really seeing a whole new culture where people are wanting to learn and grow more through other people’s writing. This new experience is quickly gaining popularity over the traditional participation in Linkedin Groups. I really believe it is more about people using their time wisely and wanting to spend time reading quality content. Also, people like to comment on articles as opposed to short updates that must be interpreted.

Set a tone and tell people how you use social media and why connecting with people is more important than any words or updates you could state on a website or social meida site. Continue to look for ways to have a refreshing experience with other people and you will soon find an audience that is worth connecting with.

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