phone taking a selfie of itself with a mirrorThe selfie. The photo taking practice that has now turned into an everyday event. One that started out of a necessity – when there simply was no one else to snap a pic – has now become a daily occurrence. Faces are made, poses given, and other events that don’t necessitate the need for a photo. And yet they still take place each and every day. Worse, they’re blasted all across the Internet with hashtags like #selfieSaturday. It’s enough to make this pre-smartphone-er sigh uncontrollably.

Remember back before everyone was carrying a camera at all times? Or when they were, it took only pixelated crappy pics that couldn’t be shared online? Now, with the help of technology, those primitive days have taken a very sharp turn toward ample picture taking, and ample picture sharing on any given day.

The Appeal of Self Photos

Why must these selfies continue to take place? And when will others realize there are better things to post photos of than a duck face? Other social media trends have come and gone – many in the time during which selfies have been popular. So why has this one held on and stayed on top?

Most likely, it’s because it allows users the ability to share photos of themselves … in a somewhat socially acceptable form. While versions in SnapChat are generally considered more acceptable, the Facebook/Instagram selfie is still a daily norm. Even if we don’t agree with their presence, we as social media users can accept that they exist.

So to the selfie lovers out there, how many more picture must you take? Unless there’s some sort of monument or outside reason for that specific picture, the rest of would rather do without. Mull that over the next time you flip the lens, and consider capturing something other than the mirror. Like cameras were meant to do.