Social MediaSocial networking platforms not only have their own customs, they have their individual personalities. Since each one is unique, the approach to each one of them must also be different. As new platforms enter the market regularly, memorizing the tricks and methodologies that pertain to all these social media is a daunting task. Every approach has to be unique for that particular platform. In this article I will provide you with some tips that will enable you to make better your search results, ensure that your target audience sees your content and consequently helps your engagement with your niche community to develop quickly. I have been looking out for little-known tips on how to improve my social media efforts and in this post I will share with you some of the things I’ve learned.

Twitter’s Growth

Since it started in 2009 Twitter has grown dramatically. Whatever be the size of your brand, you just cannot ignore this social media site. In 2012, as many as 175 million tweets were sent, on the average, daily. The simple concept — pen down something that has less than 140 characters and then post it — is extremely attractive. But Twitter’s more than that. Here I will note down some little-known tips how to use Twitter when shooting off those humorous one-liners.

  • If you begin a tweet with the symbol ‘@’, the tweet will be seen just in the public domains of people who follow the person connected to the symbol and you. If you wish everyone saw your tweet all you must do is insert a period mark before the ‘.@’ symbol. In all public streams Tweets that begin with ‘.@’ will be seen.
  • Use “hashtags” beneficially and wisely. Use 1-2 of them in each tweet so that your tweets don’t resemble spam.

Facebook’s to be Reckoned With

850 million users every month and going strong! Facebook is the force in the social media. And as their number is only growing in line with its popularity all over the world, it is the platform where every brand must find a place. 43% of B2B and 77% of B2C firms have gotten their customers from this site. Here I will give you some tips on how to use Facebook to the greatest advantage.

  • Size of the image is particularly important on this media site, especially since Facebook shifted to their Wall layout. To get the best results from your posts ensure your images are as follows: for your wall– 403×403; 851×315 for cover photo; profile photo — 180×180.
  • • So what’s the benefit of getting a post promoted on Facebook? Posts that are promoted here will draw the attention of people who may not be seeing it regularly. Promoted posts will give best results for forthcoming events and special promos.

Pinterest in Big League Now

After making a quick and effective entry into the social media world, Pinterest quickly turned into a huge driver of traffic to sites where pins had their origins. Pinterest has become the 4th biggest driver of traffic in the social world. It has beaten such big names like Twitter, Bing and Yahoo! As higher sales reflected the increase in traffic, people saw that Pinterest would change the content marketing scenario. But how does one use Pinterest in the best manner possible? Here are some tips that will give your pins more publicity.

  • Insert the URL of your firm in the description box and Pinterest will make it bold and thus draw attention to the URL.
  • Make use of “hashtags’ in the description area. On Pinterest, “hashtags” can be searched, like Twitter.
  • The product’s price, in dollars, must also be put in the box. Pinterest will identify the symbol — $ — and mark the pin with the cost in the top right hand corner. The pins which include prices obtain 36% more likes than those which don’t have price quotes.
  • Take full advantage of Pinterest’s reputation of being a social media platform that has a strong purchasing intention. Therefore, link straight from where the pin came from, particularly if this product is on sale on your website.
  • Use longer images on this site. When they are suitable, pin bigger visuals to show off your content.

Google+’s Good Too

Some jokes have been made about Google+ in the social media world but don’t underestimate this site. When you learn that Google plus +1 button is used 5 billion times daily and has approximately 343 million effective users, you’ll understand why this social media site can greatly improve SEO.

  • Join up with communities that have the same interest and share with them your content. There are many truly dynamic communities on Google+ who are eager to get new content.
  • Like Facebook use tags only to involve people in your post. You will desire to locate people by using the @ symbol and then obtaining their complete name as it is seen on Google+.


LinkedIn is a terrific site to communicate your company’s product related information to your friends and potential customers. Those who follow your company’s page are showing interest in what your firm does. Promotions are generally discouraged on other platforms. LinkedIn, however, is the right place for you to share this info. Here is a little-known LinkedIn suggestion that many people may not know:

  • When in an update you share a URL, wait till the article and the image and are pushed into the update before deleting the URL. This will result in an easy and clean update.

Use Instagram

Instagram, the photo-sharing appliance, has impressed many and in August 2012 it had a greater number of users a day compared to Twitter. Yet few brands are using Instagram in their marketing endeavor. Here are some tips that brands can utilize to set up their photo-sharing pattern.

  • Like Pinterest and Twitter, “hashtags” are the best bet on Instagram where by clicking the “hashtags” users can see all photographs that have been marked with this precisely defined “hashtag.” So make use of “hashtags” which others would make use of or take an interest in. Some examples: “#webdesign”; “#photography”; “#graphics”
  • Live links in the descriptive part of a photograph are not supported by Instagram. But if you leave the URL in the description box it will show people where to find more about your posting, be it a blog post or a connection to the product/service on a website.

In this post I have listed some of the insights that I like the most on the best-known and most-used social media sites of today. I hope you appreciate my effort and feel free to share some tricks or tips that you may have in the comments column.