9f2357c8d08bdaf7 org 300x300 Rolling Stones Songs That Double As Social Media Strategy Inspiration50 and still ticking … The Rolling Stones are truly inspiration for any social media strategy, whether you are a small or large business! As the Rolling Stones begin their 50 And Counting tour, they are a great inspiration of how to continue to put out a relevant message no matter the channel … vinyl, digital downloads or Vine videos!

Thinking outside of the box is key to develop your social media strategy. I invite you to dust off your old vinyl or turn up that iTunes download to find your Rolling Stones social media inspiration!

9 Rolling Stones Songs To Inspire Your Social Media Strategy

1. “Miss You”. Are you missing the customers and followers who have unsubscribed from your blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels? Then it’s time to rethink your content and social media marketing strategy! Make your content more interesting and your followers will be commenting “Let’s Spend The Night Together”.

2. “Gimme Shelter”. Your followers, customers and prospects want a community to help them learn, solve and get closer to your brand. Make sure you have created a safe and sharing social space for them to visit.

3. “Mother’s Little Helper”. Use all the available social media tools and features to make your social media strategy work as hard as possible for you. For instance, make sure to use Google Plus to authenticate your article authorship on blogs and to drive better search.

4. “Start Me Up”. If you have only been using one or two social media channels for your business, it’s time to start up other channels. Remember, you need to fish where the fish are and use the channels that your customers and prospects use to maximize your social media strategy.

5. “She’s A Rainbow”. Social media followers have expectations that the same brand will connect with them differently based on the “rules of engagement” on each channel. So, understand that your followers are like a rainbow and deliver different shades of content on each of your social media channels.

6. “Sticky Fingers”. Yes, I know this is an album, but you want to create content that keeps readers engaged, for as long as possible, to help you to build an ongoing relationship where your followers stick around!

7. “Time Is On My Side”. With timely planning of your business’ news, events and promotions, you can deliver an excellent social media experience. An editorial calendar will help you with this proper planning so you can “…Always Get What You Want” with your messaging, or at least “get what you need.”

8. “Ain’t To Proud To Beg”. Make sure to include social sharing buttons on your emails, website and blog posts to ask others to share your content to their networks. Don’t be so proud to beg and you will never be “Waiting On A Friend”.

9. “Brown Sugar”. Make sure your social media message adds a little sugar to avoid it from being bland and too promotional. Combining great content with your personality will let you look very “Respectable”!

Do you have another Rolling Stones song that you think is inspirational? Please post your suggestions below! Or contact me directly at MarketingThink.com or tweet me @GerryMoran and I will add it to the greatest hits!

I know “It’s Only Rock and Roll”, but it’s great social media inspiration nonetheless!