Once a year on Hallow’s Eve, things get spooky as day gives way to night. Ghouls and goblins come out to roam the streets. A chill settles in the air.

This year, social media managers are taking to the street, too, with no tricks, no treats… just anger. After a long year of tirelessly engaging with and building up happy audiences, of working around the clock to help customers troubleshoot issues and listen to every possible complaint, these social media managers are ready to turn the tables. They are hungry for revenge and eager to speak their mind.

Here’s their battle cry:

1. “No, I cannot make your video/post/quirky office photo go viral. If you would increase your marketing budget, I could place ads to make at least one person who isn’t your mom see it…”

2. “Once during Pride Month we changed our logos to a rainbow to celebrate. It attracted not just Internet trolls but the worst kind of bigots. I wish I had the guts to say, “Get out of here” or “Delete your account.”

3. “Users hate change, especially new layouts. Whenever we change something on the site, they take to social media to complain. Sometimes I just wanna say, ‘Lighten up. The world isn’t imploding.’”

4. “When you publish a new blog post with details about site changes and your users comment without actually reading the text, sometimes I just wanna say, ‘Read The Freaking Manual ;)’”

5. “Users can get caught up in the heat of things, get impatient, and say some pretty aggressive things. Sometimes I just want to say, ‘Hey there – human on the other side of the screen here. I need to eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom too. Cut me some slack.’”

Social media managers, we hear you loud and clear. A lot of the web would be broken, or at least way less fun without you. So don’t go rogue on us! We’ll let you take the day to do your thing. Just treats, no tricks.