Refresh Your Marketing: 5 Quick Social Media Updates

An updated, refreshed digital presence for your business is a great way to start off the year. When’s the last time you really looked at your social media accounts to make sure what consumers see when they discover your business is up to date, accurate, and enticing?

Here are five quick and easy social media updates you can make to your social media profiles for a fresh start to 2017.

1. Update Your Cover Images

These days, most social media platforms offer businesses the opportunity to have a creative, large-format cover image on their profile page – from Twitter to LinkedIn to YouTube to Facebook.

While you may or may not want to change the user icon for your business as this should relate to your logo and have more consistency over time, the cover image can easily be changed and updated to reflect what’s new with you. It can make a first impression to new consumers who discover your business via social media – so a refreshed cover image can help ensure you’re making a positive impression! Make sure you’re taking advantage of the latest design aesthetics that appeal to your user base and that your image really conveys the life of your business to entice consumers to learn more.

2. Refresh Your Business Description

If your business has been on social media for a while, chances are, you haven’t looked at the description in quite some time. Many social media services have expanded the capabilities you have within your business description or profile, so there may be areas that are blank you can take advantage of. Or, perhaps the way you want to position your business has evolved since your profiles were originally claimed.

Take a few minutes to refresh your business description on social sites, and make sure it includes important keywords such as your business name, location, and business type, so that this content can help your web presence show up more in search results!

3. Highlight New & Interesting Products, Services, & Locations

Have you expanded your service offerings or added a new product line to your business? Maybe you’ve opened a new location or offer other enhanced conveniences for consumers. Make sure any key buying factors like these are represented on social media sites that allow for in-depth content, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and consider adding the most important ones that are key in driving you new business to shorter descriptors on sites like Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

4. Check All Details for Consistency & Accuracy

Did you know that your entire web presence will be stronger if you are consistent with how you talk about your business online? It’s true: consistently spelling and punctuating your business name exactly the same across social media sites, making sure you link to your website consistently, and even formatting the phone number and address for your business consistently can all help search engines – and consumers – find your business more seamlessly. This is especially critical for sites like Google+ and your website, but it’s also helpful to be consistent across your web presence, including your profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

So, check to make sure you’ve got the right link to your website, accurate and consistent contact information, and a consistent presence on your profiles.

5. Fuel Your Presence with Fresh Content

As the use of social media grows (Facebook alone now has an active user base of over 50% of the US population!), it’s important to ensure that your approach to social media stays fresh and relevant.

It’s simple enough to claim a social media profile, but to ensure that consumers are seeing your business when they use these sites, you need to fuel them with regular, fresh content, consider new and interesting formats to engage with your audience (like video and live streaming), and target your audiences on these sites with advertising.

Whether you amplify it through organic or paid tactics, content is the currency of social media, so make sure you aren’t missing this critical piece of the social media puzzle in 2017!