Adecco Group have released the results of its first global study looking at the use of social media in recruitment and the job search – the most comprehensive study in this field to date. Here are the results in terms of job seekers – and they come from over 17,000 entrants in 24 different countries.

Key findings show that social media is, and will increasingly become, the new job market place, but best practices and impacts are not always clear for either the job seekers or the recruiters.

Adecco’s study found that more than half of all recruitment activity involved the internet. That number is expected to rise this year, as seven out of ten recruiters saying they currently use social media for their human resource’s professional activities.

The global study also discovered that an applicant’s social media engagement is important to recruiters, as candidates with an established online network receive more contact from potential employers. LinkedIn is the most popular network for recruiters assessing candidates at 68%, Facebook at 52%. An estimated one third of recruiters admit rejecting a potential candidate due to the content on an applicant’s profile. Silvia Zanella, Adecco Global Social Media & Online Marketing Director said…

“The predominant relevance of social media recruiting is a reality today and no doubt in the future. We can help job seekers get the most out of the unlimited opportunities available through proper use of social networks, and provide recruiters with the best tools for improving the quality of their social media professional practices. ”


  • The more people you know online, the better your chances are of finding a new job.
  • Avoid sensitive content on your social network profiles.
  • Use social networks in your job search- search relevant terms and hashtags to find the vacancies relevant to you.
  • Whilst searching keep distributing your CV to recruiters!
  • Keep your social networking consistent and up-to-date.

You can download the full report at and click here to see the full infographic.

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