We have bid adieu to 2014, before you start implementing your new social media strategy for 2015 let’s take some of these resolutions to help your brand with a smoother transition on social media. Here I have put down eight social media marketing resolutions which you must abide by to receive the results you’ve been waiting for!

social media resolutions 2015

Are you ready to make a better year ahead? Here we go, I resolve….

1. Visuals all over

Visuals have been the rising trend since the last couple of years, and this year they are only getting stronger. Your audiences absolutely love visuals in the forms of Images, Videos, Memes, Infographics and so on as they get across your messages easily without making it overwhelming for them! Start tapping into the potential of visual platforms such as Pinterest, Vine and Instagram and share eye-catching visuals with your followers.

Quick tip: I am personally a big fan of Photoshop but recently I started using Canva and it’s an awesome tool. Give it a try if you haven’t yet.

2. Don’t just Engage

Social media is all about Engagement; it doesn’t end by just posting an inspirational quote, a catchy image or just posting your company link. What ultimately matters is the way your brand interacts and engages with their audiences in order to make an emotional connection with them.

Thus remember, just thanking them for retweets, likes and shares isn’t enough. We need to take these opportunities to next level and deepen the relationship. Try connecting/sharing/conversing on things that fall under your mutual interest bucket and at the same time are not against your business values

3. Leverage Social Media tools to Aggregate, Analyze, and Act

A social media marketer dons many hats, and has multiple tasks to oversee and get done in a day (remember this daily life of a social media expert infographic?). Thus it is mandatory for them to make use of social media tools which not only increases their productivity, but also acts as a validation that the marketing efforts they are putting in are yielding results!

Keep monitoring and checking your brand’s digital assets and make use of various social media tools as it makes the process effortless, with those results you can bring forth changes accordingly and in a way be on the right track to success.

4. Know the best Time that works for you

We all have read in multiple articles that tell you the best time to post, But I am personally going to burst your bubble here; that what may work for others may not work for you! So experiment a little, and with tools monitor which time works the best with your audiences when it comes to receiving engagement, clicks, and so on. A little bit of trial and error, will help you unearth the answer to this question.

5. Don’t hesitate to try New Platforms

There is a bigger world out there than only Facebook & Twitter, with a plethora of social networks out there. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out new social networks like recent examples – RWND, Ello, and so on. Not necessary that you will like every platform but you can share your experiences with your audience hence it encourages action on their part as well. By doing so, it will make your brand come across as someone who isn’t afraid to adapt to changes and experiment.

6. Use Hashtags

Hashtags play a very impactful supporting role in social media, but unfortunately many people and brands abuse the power of it. Yes, you must make use of hashtags but not unnecessarily!

Hashtags make things quite measurable on social media. Make sure the words your hashtagging, create an impact and elevate the reach of your posts to the right audiences. Most importantly, follow the thumb rule of not more than three hashtags a post (Instagram is an exception to this rule).

7. Think Mobile first

Mobile is the way to go for your brands, it isn’t an option anymore! Thus you need to make sure all your sites, social profiles are mobile responsive as a vast number of your audiences browse via Smartphone/ tablets. And if your sites aren’t optimized, that will only annoy your audiences and they will immediately migrate to your competitors.

You might want to use the new Google tool to see if your site is Mobile optimised or not, here is the link.

8. Every platform has its Own Way!

Looks like I have already said this so many times in my previous articles here, maybe this is the last time. Stop posting the same content on every social network; every social channel has its own posting style adhere to it. Yes, we do understand that coming up new post for every social network is difficult thus tweak it according to each social channel instead of constantly just blindly copy-pasting.

I hope this list of resolutions will help you embark another successful year on this social space. It is time to ditch those old habits, and make new ones!

Here’s wishing you all a socially successful 2015!

What social media resolutions have you made for this year? And how do you plan to keep up with it? Please do share your comments with us below.