As a digital marketing professional, your biggest challenge can be getting the desired results in terms of ROI and conversion. Sometimes, your returns can be completely disproportionate to your ad spend.

So, what would you do in such a situation?

Let’s consider all the factors that make a marketing campaign successful.

More Social Media Activity

Social sharing is an integral element of digital marketing. As a matter of fact, everybody uses one or the other social channel based on their interests and needs. Social channels are constantly making it easier for you to reach your target audiences according to demographic, geographic and psychographic details. Google has started prioritizing social sharing as a ranking signal, so if you are still missing out on it, it can be a huge disadvantage.

Now the big question is — how to use social sharing effectively to boost traffic and conversion?

Doing social media analytics and promotion manually is a redundant activity as it involves the risk of missing out on important information and trends.

That’s the reason digital marketers use different social sharing tools. These tools make life easy for you in terms of scheduling posts, performing analytics and monitoring conversations.

Sometimes, you can’t remember important conversations such as a prospect’s interest in buying your products or maybe some other useful metric. You can easily convert such leads if you maintain a proper record of conversations taking place on your social channel.

Social media tools used by the businesses

People use different social media tools such as Buffer, HootSuite, SocialMention, Klout, Tweetdeck, FollowerWonk, Radian6, Mention, Topsy, Viralheat, and CoSchedule etc. Today, we will discuss the features of a popular and useful but lesser known tool “”.

Increase traffic with is one of the most advanced social sharing platforms, that provides proprietary sharing tools both to the publisher and the brand. A well-known chocolate brand Ghirardelli Chocolate received 12 times more traffic from social media using This success story can inspire all of us. But, how can we get similar results using

Important features of

Let’s discuss some features of’s plugin is compatible with all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress, StumbleUpon, Yahoo, and Digg, etc. It has inbuilt tools that help you to get insights of visitor activities on social channels. Be it ‘likes’ on Facebook & Pinterest or ‘shares’ on LinkedIn & Google+, can easily provide proprietary real-time social sharing data; except the details of resharing.

It has two major tools:

  • URL shortener tool
  • Sharing tool

URL shortener tool

You must have used various URL shorteners to include your link; but how will you differentiate from others?

URL shorteners became a necessity when the popularity of Twitter suddenly skyrocketed. Twitter has a limit of 140 characters for its each tweet. You cannot restrict yourself while conveying your message, but you can limit your link characters to 20, with the help of a URL shortener. This will help you to “free” more space to express your textual and visual content. The prime objective of using this tool is to make your links more manageable and easy to share. This facility is provided by all link shortener tools like, and TinyURL, etc.

What else does offer you apart from a URL shortener?

Besides the URL shortener, there is an additional feature embedded in the URL shortener tool and that is known as the ‘engagement analytics’ of the visitors.

Precision targeting

‘Engagement analytics’ simplifies the process of identifying the exact URL and the right channel that are actively directing traffic to your website. This report helps you to understand real-time engagement of visitors by tracking their paths.

The audience insights are necessary to differentiate between productive and unproductive social channels. You can identify and focus on the right channels and invest more on those few channels that are most productive for your brand. This way you will be able to reset your targets in social media paid advertising. You can now run a focused campaign targeted at a specific segment of visitors that come from these channels.

As per the data collected from various campaigns using URL shortener tool, it has been found that

  • is good for engagement on social media and generating higher ROI from Facebook and other social media channels.
  • is effective in decreasing cost per order (CPO)
  • helps to lower down the ratio of conversion to ad-spend
  • can minimize the cost per acquisition (CPA) within a short period of time

    Note: You can use selective targeting on Facebook to improve your campaign results.

How to utilize sharing tool to maximize your profits?
You can use in the following ways:

  • First, select the right social media channel, which is suitable for your brand, using Do not forget to include dark social tracking.
  • While sharing, the tool will copy JavaScript from the original place and will paste the code along with an affiliate link mentioning “read more”. This will entice the visitors to access complete information related to the topic and they will be directed to the source website.“Copy and Paste” tool is the popular name of’s sharing tool. While copying, the tool enables the share text feature to highlight a portion of the article and then copy its coding.
  • You will be provided with a single dashboard, where you can get a bird’s eye view of the entire social activity on your website. This will help you to analyze the activity of each and every visitor, who is coming to your site through social media. It monitors social activities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others, so that we can track user engagement on these platforms.


If both sharing tool and URL shortener tool are used properly, it can increase your sales figure, profit & ROI, decrease the CPO and lower the ratio of conversion to ad spend. Such tools can actually change your campaigns for better results.