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Putting the Pieces Together; 5 1/2 Tips for Email and Social Media Integration

So you’ve built your platform on social media outlets like Facebook and have a steady stream of e-mails being sent to your customers, but are your marketing channels helping each other thrive? An important aspect of marketing is integration; Facebook, with almost one 1 billion active users, is a brilliantly powerful tool, but e-mails are more effective at generating repeat sales – and it’s also consumers’ preferred method of marketing. Creating synergy, not isolation, between the two biggest marketing channels will maximize your brands outreach – and that’s what brings in profit. Here are 5 ½ tips for assembling a successful marketing union:

1) Social Media Buttons; a Direct Link

The fastest and easiest way to integrate is applying social media buttons to the bottom of e-mails: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Boost connections even more by adding a Share Bar. This button allows your e-mail subscribing customer to share the e-mail’s content on Facebook. Now integrate the other way around; add an e-mail sign-up app on your Facebook page.

*Bonus Tip: Include an incentive like a discount code, free shipping, or something else of value to your customer after signing up.

2) Host a Social Media Run Contest, Announced Through Email

The goal of marketing integration is to turn Facebook fans into email subscribers and vice versa, right? A motivating incentive to boost those subscription numbers is to host an exclusive social media run contest. Start out by announcing the competition through an email campaign to your email list, revealing an early invitation to the contest, solely for your dedicated subscribers.

Now the other way around, create tease content for social media channels to entice your followers to jump onto your email list for first announcements of contests. Each of these strategies strengthens the importance of being connected with your brand on both social media and email marketing avenues.

3) Repurpose Images and Calls to Action

Delivering parallel messages and images not only builds the spirit of your brand, but also keeps it at the top of your consumers’ minds, twofold. Use the same picture or graphic for both channels. This helps your market scheme have a cohesive quality.

4) Use Social Media Material for Email Content

Did a photo you posted on Instagram get over 100 likes? What about a retweet that earned you a bunch of new Twitter followers? Utilize this engagement and create email content out of it. If a photo was particularly eye catching, use it as the background in your next email campaign. If the quote you tweeted registered with your Twitter followers enough for them to retweet it themselves, make that quote your call of action in the subject line of your email. It may peak the interest of your email subscribers and result in a higher email open rate.

5) Create Dedicated Content

An old-fashioned “lets connect on Facebook” still works wonders to this day. Send out email campaigns exclusively showcasing your social media platforms. Odds are, if your email subscribers are signed up for specials, they are interested in your behind the scene Instagram photos and videos.

The key to optimal marketing is to not rely solely on Facebook or e-mail – have each complement and reflect each other to develop a strong platform for your brand. Use Facebook to build a community, while you sell your product through e-mail. It’s that simple.

How do you incorporate email marketing and social media marketing? We want to know. Comment below or tweet us @Rocket_Post.