“I am an entrepreneur by accident and it was in 2008 I had this dominant thought that going further social networks would be about images,” shares Vineet Budki, Founder at pSocial, an interest based social network.

Social networks would eventually lead to interest based social networks and when I saw pSocial doing the same, I reviewed it at our end. Even though the design of the platform could turn off a lot of users due to the Pinterest-like design, the platform does have some cool features for users.

Vineet had the entrepreneurial bug in him since a long time. Apart from being the Founder at pSocial, today he is also the proud founder of Videocon d2h online and DigitaleBrandz. It was back in 2008 that Vineet had visualized about social networks being driven by images in the future.

“It was the time when social media was picking up and I was doing my MBA at Cornell University. For my last semester project I was working with Kodak and I had suggested the management that they should move all their images to online since that is the future. Obviously they didn’t like my idea and a few years later I saw Pinterest doing the same,” expressed Vineet.

pSocial Vineet Budki

Vineet thinks that Facebook grew on the basis of friend connect friend model but he actually questions the model as users might have 500 friends but they hardly speak to ten out of the whole bunch. He further added that we are generally inclined to people who have similar interests and these are smaller groups of friends.

“With pSocial we are creating these small communities that users would like to interact on a regular basis. The second thing that we are pushing is Indian content which sadly has been left behind,” added Vineet, while sharing the vision behind the platform.

Design of pSocial and road ahead

But, what do you have to say about the design that is so similar to Pinterest, was my next question. Vineet responded with not wanting to reinvent the wheel so they took a design that was already popular among users. However, he does know that this could turn off a lot of users from the platform and they are working hard to do a complete makeover, which involves how one visualizes content on the platform.

“I was recently showing the platform to an investor and I realized that content was vanishing after some time with the present design. So we are going for the Clay Design that will have the most viewed or engaging content on the top for users to view them,” he added.

Mobile apps are also in the pipeline like the complete design makeover, Vineet updated. The Founder is also excited that the product has caught the interest of an influential investor and plans are on to hire a very senior guy to strengthen the work going on at pSocial.

Content moderation in pSocial

And, what about moderating content on the platform, which has already started to witness some spam. Vineet agrees to the fact that content has to be moderated and at present there is a team that takes care of it. But he doesn’t want to monitor content at his end and wants to leave it to the community to decide.

“Today I can moderate content but what will I do when the users would double. I want to build a platform for users and moderated by them. We are teaching the initial set of users about the platform and going further they would take care of it. A model on which various online forums were built,” updated Vineet, which is indeed a great decision.

pSocial could be a platform that might buy our online time. For now the platform is seeing a decent acceptance from users specially with an incentive like MyBank feature. MyBank is a gamification feature that awards points on your activities on the platform, with which you can buy exciting gifts.

The platform, going further, also wants to back lesser known creative people and their work on the platform. A revenue model for the platform and support to passionate people is our idea at pScoial, Vineet summed up, before we winded up our telephonic conversation.

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