Now, that you have an optimized LinkedIn personal profile and company page, you are presentable for business opportunities. The next step to increase the amount of people who benefit from your business is prospecting. Before you begin to prospect on LinkedIn or anywhere else, you need to have your “Best Client” profiled. Be as specific as possible. What that includes is the following:

  • Type of Industry
    • i.e. Manufacture, Technology, Business Broker, Financial Service, etc.
  • Position within the Company
    • i.e. CEO, CFO, Director of Marketing, Executive Director, etc.
  • Size of Company
    • Based on Revenue or Employees or both
    • i.e. $500k – $25mm; 5-50 employees
  • Location
    • i.e. Illinois, Mid West, Chicago
  • Other attributes (Attitude, environment, culture, etc.)
    • Leader that knows what he doesn’t know
    • Attitude of continuous improvement
    • Goal oriented culture

Create as many profiles as you possibly can, the more the better. Put the profiles into a Word Document and save them. You can even use the profile sheet for when you are networking with other professionals or asking for introductions(referrals) from clients. Keep the sheet handy as you are prospecting on LinkedIn.