Reddit, and sites like it, have been gaining in popularity over the internet. On Reddit, users submit articles and discussions ranging from meme comics to cool products to weird photos, and more. The submissions are then voted on by the Reddit community. Votes are reserved for articles that someone believes deserves recognition. Posts with the most votes are moved to the front page of the site. Front page posts are more likely to go viral than those on the last page due to increased views.

This method of sharing and ranking posts provides the ideal opportunity to increase your website traffic and brand awareness. Reddit works very differently from other social media tools you are familiar with; it is important to be aware of the differences between these social media sites so that you can best use each one to promote your company and website.

Promoting your business on Reddit:

Shameless promotion is a dead end. People are voting for you to reach the top. If you interrupt their search for cool, funny and interesting new subjects with a shout-out to your company, prepare to take a dive in rankings.

Creativity draws in an audience. Show the best aspects of your product in an interesting way. Attracting viewers will help you go up in rankings and will help your submission go viral. Create a video, an infographic, a comic – these are examples of items that are easy for users to look at without feeling overwhelmed.


Photo Courtesy of Pinglio

Subreddits are your friend! These are submission boards that cater to specific topics. There are subreddits for everything – start-up companies, entertainment, music, etc. Focus on a topic that applies to your company. These topics attract niche audiences that you can target. You can also use these subreddits to find other users who are interested in the same business as you!

Multiple submissions are key. The turnover rate on Reddit and similar sites is extremely fast. You need to be continuously submitting and contributing to the site. Having one post on top is great, but your traffic will die down when others move ahead of you. For continuous results- you need to have consistent submissions that climb to the top.

Start an AskReddit or be active on the comment section. There are many Q&A sections where you can ask Reddit users questions or where they can comment on your product. These people were interested enough to comment, so be sure to respond to them. As with blog comments, revealing that there is an actual person behind the post will help increase fan engagement with your brand. Additionally, responding to comments gives you the opportunity to redirect readers to your website in search of more information.

Be persistent. Be creative. Be human.

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