figures depicting the concept of viral marketing with groups of people

Across all age groups in the U.S., people spend 42 minutes per day on Facebook and just a tick over 17 minutes per day on Twitter, according to a Cowen & Company survey. Another survey from GlobalWebIndex says that the average user spends 28 percent of their online time using some form of social media. So, clearly, these numbers illustrate the point that savvy marketers have known intuitively all along – that promotion of webinars via social channels is a “no-brainer.”

Here at ON24, we understand the crucial importance of social, and we’ve built social tools and sharing widgets into the fabric of our products since the release of the Platform 10 webcasting solution a few years ago. But as time marches on, social has evolved, and so have we – and we’re pleased to present the latest enhancements to ON24 Webcast Elite in the area of social. These tools allow the producer – and ultimately the end user – to easily share a webinar across social networks, extending webinar promotion and reach.

They include:

Sharing audience URLs with your social network
Sharing the audience URL across LinkedIn and Facebook networks will now automatically display the webinar title, date and time. The date and time will be displayed in the localized language assigned to the webinar.

Easily including social sharing icons in your registration and lobby pages
You can now add social sharing icons to the registration and lobby pages of your webinars, allowing your attendees to easily share your webinars with their social networks. A quick checkbox-style setup is available, and producers can style the color of the icons as needed.

Registering with social profiles
Webinar producers can now offer registrants the option to auto-fill registration fields using their Facebook or LinkedIn profile, enabling a faster registration experience that will make it easy for targets to say “yes” to your webinar.

This deep integration of social tools means that marketers can continue to push their webinars to the next level. By making it easy to publish webinar info across social channels and therefore making it easier for audiences to get engaged and share themselves, webinar producers can make the most of all the time people spend on social.

We think these capabilities will help drive interest in webinar content and additional registrations and conversions and become part of best practices for webinar marketing. After all, the best type of marketing is free marketing! Let social word-of-mouth marketing help generate greater interest in your webinars…and more registrations.

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