We all know by now the power of visual content and it is the future of marketing to your audiences. Images get your brands message across loud and clear to your audiences, compared to only text-based content. Infographic is the best of both worlds, where it is a visual element with snackable bits of text-based information so its gets easier to comprehend by your readers; infographics make a great visual impact!

how o promote your infographic to get 10000 shares

Don’t believe me? I have done various infographics before, some on Google+ falling, some on mobile trends, and majority on statistics and data. We did an infographic on Social Media Stats in 2013 and its being shared more than 9K+ times since Sep 2013, then I did certain infographics for one of my UK client.

While building these last 4-5 infographics I learned a few important things to create a successful infographic. And that is what I tried doing with this Social Media Statistics in 2014 infographic and we got a great response with more than 10,000 shares in a month. This infographic has been shared across 15+ sites already and is getting published in 2 online magazines soon.

promote infographics

Before I take a call on how we did it? Take a look at these key facts about infographics-

  • 99% of sensory information is filtered out by the brain, and only 1% of information gets through; Yes! You have guessed it right; infographics are a part of that 1% information.
  • 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visuals.
  • Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain, compared to text.

Frankly, I never thought about all these facts before; thanks to people at neomam.com who came up with all these numbers. Infographics are an extremely shareable piece of visual content, if you get it right. I am sure with infographics you can make boring and mundane piece of information very attractive and sharable. I do visit Pinterest and dailyinfographic.com regularly to keep a track on what all people are creating and sharing. And believe me it is as addictive as TheEllenShow videos on YouTube.

Coming to how you can promote your infographic to get 10,000+ shares-

1. Make Your Infographic Eye-Catching

Infographics is all about visual stimulation. So to make your infographic stand out, you need to make use of great color choices which should complement each other and your website as well. Even if you have a great story/data to tell your audiences and your infographic is not visually appealing, it will be an eyesore.

In this new infographic – SM2014 one I created, that wave effect attracted everybody. I still get mails regarding how we did it and if I can share the code.

2. Be Original

Nothing good has ever come out of duplicating work; it doesn’t make you win any accolades. Thus it is very important to be original, than choose the same run of the mill topics. What will truly make your infographic shareable will be the intriguing information and highlighting all the keypoints which need to convey the right message. A lot of research is the key here!

3. Make It Interactive

Interactive infographics are very powerful! This is what I personally have noticed, as it lets your readers engage with the infographic, thus letting them consume the wealth of information without saturating your audiences. It lets you add layers, and sub–layers of information and at the same time makes it look attractive as well.

Thus after our overwhelming response with our SM2013 graphic, we re-created another infographic on the same topic SM2014 and I was damn sure to make it as interactive as possible. We added CTAs with each and every factual mention in the infographic, a visitor has to just click on a button to share that information. Here is how people are continuously sharing it.

most shared infographic on DI

4. Distribution is the Queen

I totally believe in If Content is the King, Distribution is the Queen and that is where we tapped. And this was totally a team effort, thanks to DI team specially Omkar. We also used other tactics to distribute this like including this in our newsletter, sharing on Google+ communities, tapping industry influencers and asking them about their thoughts on how it looks and if they can share some feedback. Some shared their inputs and some shared the infographic their followers which gave us a wider reach and shares increased like wild-fire!

Everytime our infographic was embedded in any site, it had those CTAs that in-turn also increases our sharing. So more they include our infographic the better it is.

Have a list of distribution channels where you will be pushing your next infographic. Our plan was to double our efforts in first month and then push it slowly with other infographic sites and directories. We are still on track.

5. Don’t Use Jargons

Use simple and straightforward language which everyone will be able to understand, so drop the jargons as the information you share will be accessible to a wide audience. There will be industry experts, marketers, followers, beginners and bots too :P So save up all your vocabulary, for the future intellectual conversations you have at various social meets; to be understood by a wider audience in a lays man perspective keep it simple!

6. Be Timely

Share your content, when it latches on to a big trend or relates to the issues being talked about on this socialsphere. We tried to keep this SM2014 infographic in sync with Social Media Day and Social Media Weeks around the globe.

This will increase the number of shares and at the same time makes your brand come across as someone who shares viable information which adds value to the on-going subject; making you look like an authoritative industry player who is well-versed.

Infographics grabs your audience’s attention, spreads across your brands message and connects with them as well. It’s a perfect way to help drive traffic to your site due to the reach on your social media platforms. So make sure your infographic is shareable and embed sharing links for all social channels.

Do you think you have some unique data sources which can be converted into another crazy infographic? Let’s collaborate, you can reach us here.