Last week we launched our interactive data visualisation, in partnership with The Credits, that tracks buzz surrounding the upcoming Oscars, allowing people to see what both critics and the general public are saying about the nominees for this year’s awards.

Having given all of you some time to play with it and find your own insights, we thought we’d compile some of the most interesting findings into an infographic.

With just hours to go until the big ceremony, we discovered that:

  • Best Picture is, unsurprisingly, the hottest category, with that award being talked about the most online, followed by Leading Actress, Leading Actor and Director.
  • For 13 of the awards, both critics and the public agreed there was a likely winner, including Anne Hathaway for Supporting Actress and Life of Pi for Cinematography.
  • 5 of the winners are too close to call, with critics anticipating different winners to the public. The awards for Film Editing and Supporting Actor are among those that remain a close race.
  • Some of the nominees are clear favourites, with Leading Actor Daniel Day Lewis and Foreign Film Amour head and shoulders above the competition in terms of number of predictions.
  • One of the most interesting battlegrounds is for Leading Actress, where Jessica Chastain enjoyed a larger share of both conversation and predictions than Jennifer Lawrence back in January, but after recent wins in the SAG and other awards, Lawrence has now become narrow favourite to take home the prize.

Check out the full infographic below: